TWS 'Day Trades Remaining' PDT

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  1. Where in the TWS platform, or in the account management website link, does IB show how many day trades a person can make, before violating the PDT rules?
  2. Call and they will tell you. Three in four trading days. Holidays don't count.
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  4. Everywhere I have checked, including IB's site, has nothing to say about buying and selling multiple strike prices in the same market throughout a trading day. The only examples are for stocks themselves, or the same option that was purchased in the morning and sold in the afternoon, or vice versa. None of the examples are complex. I've yet to receive a response back from IB. In their defense, it hasn't been a long time since I sent the inquiry.
  5. Thanks JackR. Looks like I got it wrong. Sorry and regards.
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    Take a look at this SEC Bulletin. When defining the "same security" It says:

    This definition encompasses any security, including options....

    That is pretty broad, so I'd say it would include all options, no matter the strike or date.