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  1. Almost once I day TWS quits on me... silently. All of the sudden it's just gone. (The is not the auto logout feature, which I have set for 4:30pm.) Sometimes is happens while I'm away from my desk, extremely annoying since I lose data for SierraCharts.

    I'm running Win 2000.

    Anybody experience this problem and perhaps know how to fix it?
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    Have Tws Start running and it will log you back on automatically and connect the api to sierrachart.. See the bottom of this page for download.
  3. Silent but deadly. I think IB has been having problems this week.
    I too have had TWS quit a lot this week. Was working great for a
    long time... :mad:
  4. THANK YOU for pointing out this AWESOME program.

    This thing checks to make sure TWS is running; if not, it runs TWS, logs you in, and enables your connections (in my case from Sierra Chart).

    Now I don't have to worry about losing data!
  5. I have been running TWS every day for 22 1/2 hrs and it hasnt quit on me once so the problem may not be IB.
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    hmm, never had this problem. Is TWS the only program that crashes often? If so, you might want to try upgrading your java software to the latest version if its not already.

    I'm using build 802.5 on windows 2000 and its rock steady.

    Try upgrading or downgrading your tws version and see if that helps.
  7. yeah, i've never had any trouble with TWS crashing...i think it's crashed once in almost 2 years of everyday use.

    some other things to make sure of:

    -you have latest build of tws
    -you have JRE latest version installed properly
    -your ISP connection is good
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    (Wasn't sure whether or not it is better to start a new thread, or revive a really old one....)

    Has anyone else had some problems with TWS this week? The "July 25" version seems to be freezing up on me. Yesterday on my Mac it froze up I think 4 times during the trading day, and today I tried on Windows, and it has already frozen once on me. (The specific windows version today I'm using is Build 957.3b July 25 2016).

    When it freezes, nothing inside of TWS updates, and it does not respond to any of my clicks. However, I did have one order fill while it was in this "frozen" state, and I did hear the audio sound on my computer for the fill. (I knew the fill happened because my phone received the email alert of the fill.) I end up having to kill TWS and restart it.

    I've never had any problems with TWS before this... I wonder if there is wonky with any of my positions that is confusing the gui ...
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    Everything fine here (had not a single crash) with the following Linux version:

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    Just stick with the "Stable version"

    My build, no issues

    Build 952.2k, May 26, 2016 4:49:15 PM
    Jolt Build 1.3.0, Jul 31, 2015 04:11:05 PM
    Nia Build 2.4.3, Aug 7, 2015 02:26:49 PM
    ModelNav Build 1.4.3, Jul 28, 2015 02:33:29 PM
    Riskfeed Build 2.7.1, Aug 10, 2015 09:11:37 AM

    And keep your java current (edit)
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