TWS crashes w/ new LAN Card

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by MTG, Apr 17, 2002.

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    I just had a cable modem installed and they put in a Linksys LAN card. When I connect via the LAN, TWS crashes instantly upon login.(both the stand alone & browser vrs). All my other apps seem to work fine, even other JAVA based apps. If I connect via dial-up I am fine. IB says my LAN card has issues w/ Java. LAN Card people say there might be a problem and will look into a fix.

    Any thoughts out there??

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    I'm not sure what causes this problem, but I had it when I got a new machine. I pulled a 3com nic out of another machine and put it in the new one. Everything worked great then. It will probably be a lot quicker and easier for you to just replace the nic with one that IB says will work rather than try to come up with a fix. Good luck.
  3. Take out the LAN card.
  4. Just kidding...:)

    Anyhow, what you should try is adding a router (linksys is good). From what you said, TWS crashed when you CONNECTED to your cable service, not from simply having the card in there.

    If you have a router, your cable login info is stored in the router, and it will automatically connect to the cable ISP when it is turned on, thus eliminating your login step (and hopefully the conflict).
  5. The old linksys driver V4.0-.1 will cause probs (freeze/crash) w/ TWS, most likely the prob NIC is sub $20 LNE100TX. Nothing wrong w/ the card but the driver is full of mem leaks. If you have 2000/XP, do a automatic update...install lne100tx v5.0, that will fix any problem w/ TWS and mem leaks. if you have 98/me, then you have to choose between linksys NIC and TWS.
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    I downloaded the java plug in from the IB site so that I could run their demo. I was never able to even login to the demo and the java download killed my sound card. I uninstalled the java and now have sound working again. Ideas??
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    The problem is the LNE100tx. (Although it works fine w/ everything I uses except TWS)
    If I have to trade something I just have to use my old dial up connection.
    I tried the Auto update for my XP and I seem to have the current driver for the LAN. I also tried to update the driver manually and I have the most current.

    The cable tech tried to use the USB connection to the cable modem and that did not work at all. I guess I'll have to spring for a different brand NIC card. Not a big deal I should be able to find another cheapy for $20+-

    Thanks for all the help
  8. as working in a company managing networks, let me say what we do:
    ONLY 3COM !

    thats it.

    every card weve tried made problems sometime. 3com did never
    (except sp6/NT4 , microsoft, but thats another story)
  9. This is a well known problem and is actually documented by IB in their FAQs. I have been through this problem and replacing the card for a 3COM solves the problem every time. As a previous poster said, you have to choose between TWS and Linksys.

    I believe that there was also another brand of card out there that had the same problem, but I can't remember whcih one.
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