TWS crashes after login

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Yoda, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. Yoda


    Just updated to build 774 version, and it crashes as soon as I login, browser version works ok...
    Anyone else has this problem? Is there any known way to downgrade to previous version?

  2. ron2368


    I have not had it crash but occasionally when I minimize the TWS window it mysteriously disappears, never get any errors it just closes the program. It used to do this back in early 2002 stopped for a long time.
  3. Sanjuro


    I had a problem before with standalone rebooting my
    computer right after I enter in login and password.

    I replaced my generic $15 network card with a
    $60 Intel network card and it works fine now.

    Try replacing your network card with one with a chip
    which doesn't offload the network functions onto the CPU.
  4. bigscalper

    bigscalper Guest

    also happened to me this morning... called IB and they fixed the problem
  5. smgreen


    Maybe you need to upgrade the jave to 1.4?
  6. Yoda


    My Java Version is what i think is latest, 1.4.0_01
    I e-mailed IB, no reply so far... Problem obviously happened with morning update, have to be carefull about those next time...
    Will try contacting IB after hours, maybe they'll fix my version as well... I'm glad they have browser version though...

  7. I just want to second the network card comment. I had a similar rebooting problem after login in, and I changed my NICs to D-Link cards which are supported. Problem solved.
  8. Yoda


    I already went through network card change to be compatible with IB..
    When IB crashed, my first thought was that they no longer support my NIC, but it didn't act like it used to with the wrong NIC, rebooting, etc...
    Hope this will have simpler solution...

  9. I've had no problems today - but watch those network cards. Brand does matter as I've found out. I'm using the cheapest RealTek on the market (about 13 bucks) and it's rock-solid. All the more expensive ones at Fry's Elex weren't on the recommended list.
  10. Yoda


    Just in case someone bumps into this, this is how to solve it...
    Delete settings folder called "dnikitahg" out of "jts" folder, which is normally located on your C:// drive, or where ever the program is installed, and log in TWS.. That solves it...

    P.S. Getting to the tech support chat, through general chat help, was a real pain... hope they fix it (put people in there that respond faster than 5-10 min after typing question in...) , or add a direct link, or something...

    Thanx for all replies,
    #10     Aug 22, 2002