TWS: Commentary disappears the next day from a chart

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  1. Basically, the title.

    I'm frustrated, confused, and a bit angry. It's whether there is a setting or the platform is not designed to keep commentaries for longer than 1 day (hardly believe in this theory, though).

    Would appreciate if someone can confirm either from aforementioned.
  2. CharlesS


    Maybe this:

    If you have not been manually saving your sessions (via 'File/Save Settings') or individual chart files, your commentaries won't persist past the automatic daily TWS restart.

    That restart might be scheduled to occur when you're not at the computer, so you'd return to the computer and find the commentaries missing, for no apparent reason.

    Good practice is to manually save settings, or individual chart files, after every chunk of work you'd be loathe to re-enter. File/Save Settings can take many minutes, so best not to start that when trading.
  3. Do you seriously use IB for your Charting???

    Come on. You have to use other sources for charting, that incorporate IB. I use eSignal, but there are plenty of others...
  4. IB satisfies my humble needs for the exception of a few minor flaws it has. Besides, for me, as a beginner trader, cost of the platform plays a big role. IB is inexpensive compared to eSignal, which costs at least $56/month.
    Nevertheless, would love to hear your opinion on why you consider eSignal to be better than IB.
  5. Thanks for advice. I consistently save the settings manually, however, saving the chart makes absolute sense. Will give it a try.
  6. Then stick to IB charts for now. I use eSignal, since 2012, because they offer non-time based charting (TICK, Volume, etc.). However, there are charting platforms that are only now available, like TradingView, that should give you plenty of possibilities, far more than IB (and decently priced). TradingView did not exist back in 2012...
  7. Great, thank you for sharing this. I will keep this in mind for future.

    P.S. I used to be on ToS while paper trading, and charting on there was superb.
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