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  1. I downloaded TWS to another computer and noticed the server time(the clock display at the lower right hand corner) is 30 minutes fast. I can't find any way to adjust it. Anyone have an idea what is happening and how to fix it?

    The time on the computer is accurate. Also, the ninja charts running off the IB data are showing the correct time but there is a 30 minute gap on some but not all of them. Weird.
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    Try restarting TWS and ideally rebooting the PC. That might help.
  3. Thanks but didn't help.
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    A few more things to check...

    1) Are you using the Web-based or installed version of TWS. The Web-based version is effectively a beta;
    2) Have you tried downgrading to the previous TWS version from IB Web-site?
    3) Do you have installer for the earlier TWS version that works on your other computer? If you don't, try one of the TWS installers here. I believe TWS versions prior to 906 are unsupported now.
  5. Using the installed version. Just downloaded it the other day. Yesterday was the first time I used it and it was 30 minutes fast then as well.
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    It must hurt... Anyway, maybe using an earlier version can help...
  7. I was on the phone for 45 minutes with IB tech support. I always assumed TWS took its time display from their servers but apparently it comes from the host computer. The rep was a good guy but ultimately couldn't fix it. Probably something wacky going on with the date/time app on the computer.
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    I think what TWS does is when it starts up it requests time from IB. They assume clock on IB server is correct while most users don't keep their PC clocks correct. Then IB calculates the difference and applies this fixed difference to the local time.

    So, if the local clock is half an hour slow and you start TWS, TWS would show correct time on start-up. If at this point you notice teh PC clock is off and correct it, teh TWS clock will be 30 minutes fast (because TWS cocluded that IB servers are 30 minutes ahead of the PC local time.)
  9. I don't know how it works, but I have corrected the time, then started TWs and it is 30 minutres fast. I can adjust the computer's time while TWS is running, and the time on TWS will alter as well, but not on a one for one basis.

    The computer is exhibiting other weird signs, such as the fact the time zone, date and time are all way off when it boots. I tunred off the automatic web time update and it still is messed up.
  10. Check to see if your quotes are 30 minutes fast as well. If so, you'll make a fortune!:)
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