TWS Charts vs IBcharts vs QT ??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Tarl_Cabot, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Hi !

    I transferred my account and so I'm currently using IB's TWS instead of Scottrade Elite software.

    My main software use is charts for equities trading.

    While I find TWS a bit "clunky" in comparison to Scottrade Elite (which certainly had its own share of foibles and oversights), I find that TWS has most of the basic capabilities - and from reading threads, I would guess that it has added a lot in recent times.

    I notice that there is a free "IBcharts" app, and a free or inexpensive app QuoteTracker that is well thought of.

    So, I was wondering what people use in IBcharts or QT that they are not currently finding in TWS ?
  2. I am a very happy TWS customer.

    I don't find it clunky at all. I do all my trading using the booktrader DOM, and trade futures (mostly) via IB

    IB's charting though, imo... sux

    Use QT.

    QT works GREAT with IB assuming you can still GET QT. I am grandfathered in. Is QT still available for new IB customers, since it got bought out by AMTD.

    Regardless, QT with the IB datafeed is wonderful imo
  3. Tums


    Hey, so you got a new handle and a new broker? Good for you.
    Best of luck.
  4. Don't forget to try SierraChart ... a different feel to QT which you might or might not prefer.

    Also ensign if u'r really big on fibs and butterflys etc.

    Similar costs.
  5. I've never posted here with a different handle (if that's what you are implying).
  6. What do you mean by granfathering in ?

    Quotetracker has essentially not changed - still free and supporting most brokers and feeds.
  7. check out sierra chart,tarl,thats what i use.easy to use and cheap

    i havent seen that name in a long time.intersting handle.