TWS charts not updating in vista

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jj90, Aug 27, 2008.

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    I know I'm gonna get shit for this :

    Bought a new rig q6600, 3gb with vista home32. Bought over last weekend, problem has persisted since monday.

    Noticed TWS quotes are laggy (ie. I see a lot of the yellow 'stuck' quotes) before they update to real time when switching pages in TWS. Main problem though, is that at times TWS charts aren't updating in real time. I trade up to 6 underlyings, I do trade into news events, and not having the chart update is suicidal. The chart quote works fine, just the chart doesn't update.

    Tried dumping java cache, didn't work too well, problem came back. Rig is setup for trading only, all extra features turned off and security jacked up. Can't find a problem with security not letting data in, not all 6 charts don't update. 3 charts seem to be fine, but I trade off mutiple correlations.

    Old rig had no problems like this, a bit slow to switch timeframes/load charts but no actual delays. Old rig was XP, pent4HT with 1gb.

    I have several options : 1)switch to XP
    2)force 1 processor to commit to TWS only ( no idea how to do this yet)
    3)relax security (not to keen on this)

  2. It could well be your security. You might try running a user interface tuned to maximum performance but even a Q6600 should cope with vista.

    1. It should be SP1 which is faster than the original vista.

    2. Try updating java. The release candidate of 1.6.0_10 , beta 28 is very solid and is a major improvement on earlier 1.6 javas. Even has a true 64 bit version if you have 64bit vista or ws2008.

    3. Speed up the user interface and google the tweak vista sites to turn off some of the stuff that slows it down.
  3. I don't think it's your new "rig". I've been getting the same issue sporadically as of late, and I'm using the same dell computer I've used for over a year.

    In fact, a day or two ago, a new version of TWS loaded upon startup, and I had blank charts. Thinking I had a Windows inexplicable error, I rebooted. Upon restarting TWS, it didn't load a new version, but it did load a 1+ MB charts file of some sort. The charts worked fine after that - though they still randomly quit updating.

  4. Why are you using TWS charts?

    I'd try one of the other charting possibilities. Quotetracker, Sierra, or Ensign.

    I'd also suggest doing Kiwi's recommendations, particularly downloading the java version he suggests.

  5. Agreed. QuoteTracker works quite well from IB data. Sometimes I use IB charts for historical, but never for intraday, because they do drop out on ocassion and are all-around inferior to QuoteTracker.
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    Updated to 1.6.0_10 java, that seems to have fixed the problem. No interference today.

    Side note : been using TWS charts since that's what I learned on. But will look into the other alternatives in light of this situation.

    Thanks to all.