TWS can't login - help?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by erikt, May 13, 2006.

  1. erikt


    When I try to login through either the desktop or web TWS it gets stuck on me. I enter my name and pass and click login, and then every 10 seconds the "Login in Progress" window pops up for a millisecond and disappears again. Nothing else happens and this can go on for hours.

    I reinstalled both java and TWS, and tried using the old version but nothing helps. I can access my account normally (ie. for account management online), just not through the TWS.

    I looked through yesterday's successful log file versus today's unsuccessful files and found some differences:

    After JTS-AuthDispatcher-4 receives "NS_BACKUP_HOST (ignored)", the two logs begin to differ. The successful log goes on to receive several other files through the AuthDispatcher-4. The unsuccessful log, after the NS_BACKUP_HOST is received, shows the following lines:
    JTS-Listener-3: Socket was closed by peer
    JTS-Listener-3: Socket was closed by peer
    JTS-Listener-3: Terminating
    JTS-Fuse-5: The socket has been declared broken
    JTS-Fuse-5:m_disconnectTime (long number here)
    JTS-Fuse-5: Disconnecting
    JTS-Fuse-5: range = 10000 random: 4691 m_nextConnectTime: (Long number here as well)
    JTS-AuthDispatcher-4: Terminating

    Then immediately after this line, the sequence from JTS-Login-7 starts up again and it loops.

    I'm certainly no programming expert so hopefully this means more to someone who is. Solutions?
  2. Its the weekend so it wont log in.

    Check the support page on the site for the hours of operation ... i think it will start to work after lunch Sunday NYT.
  3. Never able to log in on Saturdays. I havn't had any problems on Sunday but I'm not sure what time.
  4. nampooya


    It's usually same as FX,4-5 est.(Sunday)