TWS Build 802.3 problems?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by nitro, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. nitro


    i just downloaded TWS 802.3. Now, I get this dialog saying that I have exceeded the number of symbols. It seems like no matter how many I delete, it still says this.

    Also, it is misreporting my average price on a stock purchase.

    Anyone else having these problems?

  2. I could'nt get API to work. Re-installed works.
  3. damir00

    damir00 Guest

    thanks for the heads-up. downloaded latest, but haven't installed yet, think i'll just wait a bit.
  4. nitro


    Now OpenBook is not working????? :confused:

    Als, when I lauch the TWS, it tells me there is a new version. But if I try to "Check for TWS updates" it tells me I am running the latest version :confused:

    nitro :confused:
  5. I strongly advise against upgrading TWS to 803.1 version until some issues are resolved. The new TWS version limits the # of quotes to 40 total for both API connections (QT and other apps that connect to IB) and TWS. All previous versions were max 40 for the API and max 40 for TWS (separate limits).

    It also pops up messages in TWS when too many symbols are requested - not just one message, but multiple.
  6. opw


    I have the same problem, but otherwise it is fine.

    Usually when I move my laptop from the office to my home, TWS reports a wrong average price and sometimes a wrong positionsize, but later it somehow updates and then it is all right.

    I used to have this especially with the previous version however
  7. Pete - IB

    Pete - IB Interactive Brokers

    The problem with the "Check for TWS updates" msg should now be fixed, but you will need to update again.

    Can you give me more details on the problems you are having with NYSE Open Book?
  8. nitro


    Pete - check PM.

  9. H2O


    I have this problem :

    This morning (Europe) I upgraded TWS. Right after that, my computer gest very slow and freezes. I have to reboot. When I try to get into elite trader chat (or some other website that uses java) computer freezes so I figure out it has something to do with java.

    After I removed the java (JRE 1.4.2) , rebooted without java installed and than install java again, everything works just fine.

    When I read this threath, I ran the Check for TWS updates program and it indicated I needed to upgrade (see previous post about the upgrade message)

    After upgrading, the java problem occured again, so I had to remove java, reboot and reinstall java.

    Never had this problem before,

    Any ideas ????
  10. IBsoft

    IBsoft Interactive Brokers

    We had a problem w/ the network router through which the OpenBook data is received. This caused a 15 minute (or so) long outage.
    #10     Aug 26, 2003