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  1. Toonces


    I'm going to call IB about this, but I wanted to know if anyone else has seen what I'm about to describe.

    Yesterday I had an order to sell at 37.75. I then changed it to 37.49, but the order stayed at 37.75. I then cancelled the order, and entered a new order with 37.49 as my sell limit price. Normally at this point a row will be added underneath the symbol row for order entry. However, this time there was no added row, and the number I was able to change was the bid price for the symbol underneath the one I was trading. Then my 37.49 sell limit traded against a bid at 37.00, .49 beneath my limit.

    This has never happened before, so I'm concerned that this might be a problem with a recent build. If this hasn't happened to you, I'm not sure you even understand what I'm describing. If you have seen this, let me know and I'll report it to IB.
  2. Catoosa


    I need IB to fix the following problems with TWS versions 791, 792, and 793:

    Get rid of the large font size in the "Execution Window" or allow the user to set the font size in the "Execution Window" without changing the font size in any of the other TWS windows. I run nine monitors, but do not have room for a "Execution Window" large enough to use the font size that showed up in my "Execution Window" after the TWS 793.4 upgrade.

    The "Discretionary Order" column appeared on my TWS trading pages after the 793.4 "up grade" and I can not get rid of it. I do not use it, do not want it, and for sure do not want it taking up space on the width of my trading pages. I went to "Page Layout" and found this new feature check box check when I did not check it. I can uncheck the feature, save settings, close TWS, restart TWS, and find the feature back on my trading pages. When I go back and check my page layout settings, I find this feature is again checked and I did not make the change.

    There may be some TWS users who love these changes as they are, but the changes without user customization are for sure not in my best interest.
  3. I do have exactly the same problem with that unwanted "D" thing !

  4. Bob111


    yeah it sucks. on first day after upgrade this "D" thing did not allow you to modify open order. today it looks like they fix it somehow, but again-even if you uncheck "Discretionary" or whatever word is in layout window-it still appears on TWS next time you login. and on top of it-i dont know what this thing for
    :D :D :D

    hope they fix it soon)))))))))))))
  5. Pete - IB

    Pete - IB Interactive Brokers

    The problem with the discretionary orders column reappearing has been fixed in the latest build of the TWS, 794.2, which is currently available for browser users.
  6. syd697


    Anyone else having a problem with this type of bug in TWS:

    I click on an option's bid or offer, change the price to whatever limit price I want, and then as I right-click to execute the trade, the price changes back to the original bid/offer price and then executes at the original price without me knowing until after the trade is done. I'm now filled instantly at the market price and not my limit price. I've used TWS for a long time and never had this problem before until a few weeks ago. It's happened to me many times now so I know it's not just me screwing it up. Usually after I set my limit price and right-click to execute it, I never had to worry. But now, I have to make sure the price doesn't change back before I right-click to execute. Anyone?
  7. Lancer


    The biggest issue I have with IB's TWS interface is the inability to lock the highlight on one market data line (symbol). For any order action, the highlight must be on the market data line, but after every order entry or cancel, the highlight moves off the market data line. With the highlight off the market data line, hotkeys don't work, etc. The user is constantly having to move the highlight back onto the actively traded symbol. Brilliant design!!

    In this respect, TWS functions similar to an Excel worksheet where after hitting enter, the cursor moves to the cell below; at least in Excel the user can control that. TWS needs a similar control where the user can lock the highlight on the market data line.

    Another issue is the inability to set default volume on a per-symbol basis. With TWS, trading is done from a list of symbols displayed in spreadsheet format (called Quote sheets, Minders, etc. in other software). All default order settings such as volume are applied globally to all symbols. So, if 5,000 shares or 5 contracts is the default volume, to trade other size, the user must either change volume with every order, or change the default to a new size. If the default is changed, it affects all symbols. If trading multiple symbols with different volumes, it's an unmanageable mess. Default volume must be able to be assigned on a per-symbol basis.

    One solution to both the highlight and volume issues is to offer a conventional Order Entry window where one symbol can be loaded, configured, and traded (with buttons and hotkeys) without effect on other symbol settings. For multiple symbols, multiple instances of the Order Entry window could be opened. Users could then trade either from the spreadsheet or from Order Entry windows.

    As is, TWS is clumsy, slow, and lacks a whole lot of features and capability compared to other trading software. Maybe it's in the process of being fixed, I hope so.
  8. I believe that you can set individual trade size for individual issue. I can't access TWS right now (weekend) to walk you through it, but I do it. I have different default sizes for QQQ and SPY and have had different default sizes for other individual symbols, in the past. If I remember correctly it is part of Configuration/Order Entry. I'll be able to let you know for definite when TWS comes back on line after the weekend.
  9. white17



    Actually I have no problems with TWS at all but I'm wondering why you right click to transmit an order. I know the right click brings up a menu with TRANSMIT on it but why don't you just left click the red "T" after setting your price? One less step in the process and it might solve your problem.
  10. Lancer


    macal425, you're right, I just checked it on the demo. By adding an individual symbol as a subfolder of the symbol class (e.g. QQQ under STK), you can set default volume for individual issues via Configure > Order > Order Defaults > Add. Odd, yesterday I talked to IB support and to users at IRC #InteractiveBrokers, asking about setting volume, and no one offered that explanation.

    The 4-deep menu method though, is not impressive compared to other platforms. Changing volume in a market data line is not slick either. You either have to go to the keyboard and type it in, or use the clumsy method of holding left-click then moving up/down a scale of displayed quantities which likely does not include the quantity you want (e.g. change from 5,000 to 2,000 shares). Once changed, that volume is good for that time only, and then it goes back to the default size. That issue still needs work. Compare to other platforms: Use the mousewheel to scroll the volume in the always-visible volume box, after which, the volume remains at that quantity for subsequent orders. Simple and fast.

    Any solutions to keeping the highlight on the market data line?
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