TWS bug?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Eight, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Eight


    I'm playing with TWS today, admittedly it's on the sim account. I set my default orders to be market orders, I'm trying to just keep a record of potential trades to see if some ideas work.....

    I changed market orders to stop orders and when I click send there is a little delay, then it gets filled as if it was a market order and I get the message "you can't change the order parameters after it's filled" or something like that...

    I can change the default to stop orders and change them to market orders or limit orders before sending them and it all works fine..

    It's the latest TWS version. [what was I thinking?]
  2. are you incrementing the order id each time?

    if you don't increment the id, tws will think you're trying to modify the last order... which it sounds like is what's happening based on your error message.

    also you must set the auxPrice parameter for a stop order (in addition to the orderType field being set to STP).
  3. Eight


    That's not very intuitive to say the least... I click on the order type of an unsent market order, change it to a stop order, set in the stop price, click send... and it fires off a market order !!

    If I set the default order type to stop, it becomes intuitive. I can click the order type, change it to limit, set in the limit price, click send and it's fine, I can change the order type to market and click send and it fires off a market order and gets filled right away....

    I think this only happens if my default order type is market...
  4. moarla


    post the example with prices (actual price, stop price, executed price)
  5. Eight


    I'm not going to worry about it actually, I found my workaround. Telling IB about things seems futile from what I've read, I'm not their little Beta Tester Bitch Boy, if they want real feedback from beta tester, they have to pay me... I'll get a front end and let the front end developer work out the TWS bugs...

  6. moarla


    i would say, you made an error putting in the wrong price...
  7. moarla


    tested it right now, works fine... it is possible that you like to enter a STOP LOSS ?
    for that you cant use the Stop order.....
  8. Eight


    I screwed up some way probably... but I don't understand the error message...

    I could not screen trade with Datek way back in the day either... wrong side of brain probably.. I'll just go away now.. I promise to get Ninjatrader's screen trader, it's so very very nice. I have not had it since a year ago but wow, I remember it, enter any kind of order with a click on the chart, upon getting filled it tosses up a bracket, quickly adjust the bracket by moving the lines on the screen... it's very nice for a TWS handicapped person like me...

  9. moarla


    there are many frontends for IB out there, they all work very nice.