TWS Bug Part 2

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Toonces, Jun 2, 2003.

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    I mentioned a problem I've been having with the most recent TWS build. I'm going to post some screenshots of what I'm talking about. Is anyone else having this experience?

    I get the 'white box' that comes up when you click on a bid or ask to initiate an order. Then I can't get rid of the white box, unless I delete the entire page. When I change the limit price, and hit 'transmit', the price I'm trying to use as a limit goes inside this white box, but my limit price is being completely ignored. It just uses the best bid or ask and transmits my order.

    On the first screenshot, there's the white box with the symbol 'TECD' where there should be a bid price for IPXL. On the second screenshot, the white box makes it look like the bid for CHRT is 19.49, while the ask price is 5.70.

    I've been contacting IB, and they tell me I'm the only one having this problem. Am I alone here? No one else is getting the white box that won't disappear, and won't allow you to enter limit orders?

    If you haven't seen this, it may not make sense what I'm describing. I just want to find out if anyone else is having this problem; if so I want to let IB know it's not just my issue.
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    2nd screenshot