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    I just ran accross this software and was wondering if anyone has or is using it.

    It can track all your trades/performance in your Ib account...

    Looks interesting...

    Any thoughts...

  2. You can save your daily, monthly IB statements as .htm files and TWSAutoTrack will then use the information from the files to build trading totals for daily, weekly, monthly, YTD as well as wins and losses.

    You can have multiple accounts and all details are available for any account with a single click in a menu on the account you wish to check.

    I use it mainly with my IB FA multiple accounts and the reports are very handy, plus I export them to MS Excel via TWSAutoTrack export menu item, which automatically opens up Excell with all details. From there you can do some graphing, etc.

    Matt the developer of the software has been very responsive to any questions I have had and can be reached at:

    Nice handy program to have.

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    I was under the impression that it auto saved all the trades...

    As for reports, what kind of info does it give yu on a monthly and yearly basis...?

    Thanks ...

  4. Yes, you can use realtime auto save of trades...I don't use it as the daily statements provide the history of all trades for the day.

    For each trade: Date, Time, B/S, Symbol, Shares, Price, Comm, CostBasis, ShareBal, TradeBal, Balance, SecType, Account#.

    Totals for each account:
    Daily, Weekday, Weekly, Monthly, Year - #Wins, #Loss, #Even, %Wins, %Loss, Gain, Loss, Balance, Comm.

    Also the same for each Symbol.

    This site shows the details well,

  5. rtstrading,

    This is kinda cool. I've been looking for something like this. You know how IB sends the daily statement as .htm files in the email.

    But when I went to

    I did NOT find anything about importing old IB statements. It seems like it only records your trades in Real-time and gives you that info. But what happen if you have a history of trades you wanna analyze. Where does it say that on the site?


  6. I go into my FA account each day and open a statement for each client account for the prior day. I then save each statement as 2005_0511.htm. Simple process. Open TwsAutotrack and menu item "Tools", "Build Trades". Select the 2005_0511 files for each account that was saved, and it includeds the trades in the database. TwsAutoTrack then has all the information needed for each trade to make the reports, etc.

    Go to the web site. Under TwsAutoTrack menu item, then Tools you will find some information about the Tools....go down to Build All Trades and you will find a link to:

    "TwsAutoTrack - Building The AllTrades File:
    The AllTrades File is the file that keeps a log of all the trades made. You may "build" the file to log the trades you have made in the past. To do this, you will need to use the Internet Explorer statements, for either the daily or monthly statements, on the Interactive Brokers website. You may build the file in either "Demo" mode or "Real" mode. "Demo" mode and "Real" mode are discussed in more detail in the Getting Started->TwsAutoTrack Demo help section. A folder is created on your computer the first time you run TwsAutoTrack with the name of C:\@TwsAutoTrack\IEStatements. If you wish, you may use this folder to save your downloaded Internet Explorer Statements.

    To save the statements, go to the Interactive Brokers website, click on the Account Login button, and sign in to your account. Then, click on the Statements and Downloads button. Click on the date you wish to download, then click on the Save button, to save the statement into the directory of your choosing. It is best to save the monthly statements up to the previous month, then save the daily statements for the current month. I prefer to save the daily statements in the format of yyyy_mmdd, and the monthly statements in the format yyyy_mm. This keeps the statements in an organized, sorted order. You may use all monthly or all daily statements or a mix of the two to build the AllTrades File. The system will sort the trades in correct date/time order.

    Once you have all your statements saved, you may then proceed to build the AllTrades log file. To do this, click on the Tools menu item on the TwsAutoTrack Window. Then click on the Build All Trades File menu item"

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    Thanks for all yor help Bob....Looks like a nice piece of software....

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    I would like to find an excel spreadsheet to log my Russell 2000 emini trades.

    I have used google tp search but haven't found anything.

    I don't mind doing the work but I am a lousy excel programer.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    TWS autotrack doesn't have equity curve charting and other metric charting ...right...

  10. Correct....I export to MS Excel with just a click!
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