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    i have read some of threads on this topic on ET but can't find a solution that handles this problem in my case.

    i want to have the autogin feature, but my system runs remotely from a datacenter and thus i want to secure (encryption, etc.) my username and password.

    anyone knows of any solution to address this?

  2. Is TWS in the data centre ? And the TWS GUI on your local machine ?
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    the TWS standalone based client runs in the datacenter together with my bots code.

    i just administer the apps locally (remote desktop). and i would like to avoid logging in in tws client everyday but wouldnt like to have my tws login info on file wo protection for security reasons.
  4. Hmmm... It's a bit of a problem if you cannot restrict access to the machine TWS is running on. It's not a complete solution but you could encrypt the username and password and bury the decryption key somewhere in the autologin code so that the latter can decrypt the credentials before logging TWS in. Obsfucating the key in the compiled code would be a good idea so that it's not easily found by disassembly. Change the key and TWS passwd regularly.

    It's a bit nasty, but I can't think of anything else. It's also not truely secure, but is better than leaving credentials lying around in cleartext.
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    but tell me security issues aside, can you recommend me one of the autologin batchs available out there such ibcontroller or other?
  6. Is it too much of an effort to simply type two short lines of text each login?

    You need to excersise more.
  7. Sorry. I've never looked at any of them. I use my own code.
  8. I recommend ibcontroller. Its the one I currently use now, and I faced a similar problem with needing the information encrypted.

    What I did was took the source for ibcontroller and made a few changes to it... Ibcontroller's code is pretty simple. just go to the area where its pulling your username/password from the config file. Then replace that with your encrypted version of your information/and your decryption routines to use it.. and you'll be good to go...
  9. Try TWSStart. You can find it in IB forum.
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