tws appears 90% off my screen

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by babe714, Jun 9, 2002.

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    After logging in to one of my IB accounts it shows up practically all off the screen . Just the very top of tws appears above the start and icon trays on my desk top. Am unable to drag , maximize or do anything with it , can't even close it . My other account with them works fine . Believe its something I've accidentally done myself to cause this . Any one have any ideas on how to correct it .
  2. This isn't a very elegant way to fix bizzare problems like this, but more times than not, if you completely remove TWS from your computer, and then do a clean reinstall (make sure windows registry is wiped clean of any TWS bits too) I'll bet the glitch goes away. Good luck.
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    before you do that, see if you can enlarge the windo to full screen. Then drag it around and see if you can resize from there. One other option is to resize the resolution of your screen (smaller) and then resize.
  4. Or right click on the TWS icon in the taskbar and click the move option in the popup menu. Press one of your arrow keys (up/down/left or right) then move the mouse around until the window is where you want it then click to have it drop in place.
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    I am unable to enlage it , when I click on it , it won't do anything , Its that grey color where it won't let you do anything .

  6. Are you accessing it via the ActiveX API? It may be opening one of those modal dialogs or maybe it just crashed. Try pressing enter or esc to get rid of a dialog off the screen then try moving it as I describe above. If it starts up this way every time the coordinates are probably off as saved in the setting file.

    If you still can't get anything, close down that TWS. Try going into the data directory for the tws C:\JTS\ (Data directories have the funny names) and editing the user.ini file. Change the X and Y value to zero under the [Main Window] heading and save the user.ini file. Try reloading. If you have multiple accounts you will have multiple data directories. You may have to make the change in several directories before you find the right one.

    Good luck!
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    when I right click on the taskbar tws icon , move is not one of the options , just says rename , delete , send ,etc. Am using the standalone version . Things seem to be getting worse , now I can't even log onto any of my IB accounts . Not using API active X.
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    Also consider reinstalling the java . I installed the 1.4 ver and had lots of wierd problems, ininstalled it, rebooted and install the 1.3 which seems to be trouble free for me.
  9. I had a lot of problems with TWS freezing up. I went back to the older version of Java and havent had a problem since.
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