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  1. Real Money

    Real Money

    Hi guys. I am intimidated by the IB API syntax. Please help!


    1) Send RTD into Excel Cell from IB API (10 cells -- 10 symbols)

    This it. I need RTD into the cells.

    I can't find any REALLY basic instructions on how to implement this functionality.

    All I want to do is have the MIDPOINT, BID, or ASK put into the cell in real-time.

    The problem is that IBKR seems to think I'm intent on developing some insanely complex interface with the socket client and so they give you that excel sample sheet which is waaay to much crap that I don't need.

    I know this is simple but there is no obvious resource I can find to do this. Can somebody point me in the right direction here?

    Oh yea the symbols are just NQ, ES, YM,RTY, EMD.

    I don't wan't to reverse engineer the damn excel sample workbook and I don't need layers and layers of checks, status look-ups, and ordering functionality.

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    The IBKR API supports numerous languages - java, python, c++. c#, ActiveX and dde

    You are talking socks but as it seems you are not a programmer, I would point you to try DDE. There is numerous links on the internet for support which you can find via search, from our site, did you look here:


    The link above provides a comprehensive A-Z with a sample spreadsheet.
  3. Real Money

    Real Money

    Hi Def thanks any comment on this. I need fast data into the cell.

  4. Fast data and Excel is an oxymoron. Trust me bro, the data from IB onto spreadsheets are way fast enough for that purpose. Faster than you can say "not fast enough".

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  5. Real Money

    Real Money

    Thanks, I'm just worried about excel actually, I am gonna be doing lots of formulas on the data and stuff. I'm thinking I'll use RTD Server...
  6. Just curious, what is RTD server, can I use with EXCEL for MAC?
  7. Real Money

    Real Money

    Just go to and check out the different options to connect IB TWS to Excel. RTD Server is the newer one that is more recent technology than DDE.

    I'm not really trying to do anything too serious with TWS Excel API so RTDServer seems like it will be good enough. I just need some supplemental ways to graph some spreads.
  8. Do you have to use IB? I use both IB and Thinkorswim. My ToS account is minimally funded but it allows me to use their RTD server to get realtime price data into Excel. Dirt simple.
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  9. Real Money

    Real Money

    Hi Gary. I also use IB and ThinkorSwim. They are kicking ass for me. I do the same thing as you. I am using IB EXCEL API and custom VBA scripts now (DDE IB GATEWAY API). You can check out my solution in this thread. The code I use for it is free and you can check it out if you follow the Stackoverflow link here.
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