TWS API - Advanced Q&A Webinar

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  1. DAV

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    Event: TWS API - Advanced Q&A


    Date and time: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 12:00 pm (New York)

    Description: If you are using IB’s TWS API to create your own custom trading application, then this Special Event is for you! Get your TWS API for DDE for Excel, ActiveX, Java and C++ API questions answered by IB’s Senior API Developers. Access Interactive Brokers on Google+ and submit your API-related questions prior to the event.

    Please note: No account specific or trade related questions will be addressed.
  2. Bob111


    is Advanced Q&A stands for quality assurance? :)

    IB is kind of lacking in that dept
  3. Will it be recorded for future viewing?
  4. DAV

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    Yes. We’ll send a link of the recording to everyone who registers for the event and will also post it on the IB Web Site under Education | Webinars.