TWS and Ubuntu

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by BenChi, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. BenChi


    Anyone running TWS on the ubuntu build of Linux? I would assume that only the browser based plugin would work?

    Does it work? Any glitches? Crashes? etc.


  2. I run TWS on Linux. Kernel 2.6.17. Xorg 6.8.1. It is very reliable and very stable. TWS should run without problems on any reasonably current Linux distribution. I use standalone TWS.

    The so called 'browser based' TWS uses Java webstart. It is not an applet and does not use the Java plugin. It is basically the same thing as the standalone and works just as well.
  3. BenChi


    very interesting,

    which version of TWS should i download? Windows? Unix? Mac? or is this even the right way to do it.

    thanks for the info, i am a total linux novice!

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    I don't have Ubuntu, but it shouldn't make a difference. I ran it on Mandriva, and now on Suse.
    You can run it standalone. The Unix version is what you need.
    Only one thing: I had at the beginning problems because it was very slow, but this was because the video driver was not good. If you have an nVidia card, and you have the impression it's slow, try to install the driver from the nVidia site
  5. Unix. Get Java from Sun website if you havn't already got it.
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    i will give this a go shortly. thanks for the help!

  7. I'd like to move to Linux because of securrity reasons. Although I'm not able to install standalone TWS with the latest Ubuntu 6.10
    I installed Java using activematrix, I guess
    Downloaded TWS, unpacked using integrated software (the command on IB web site didn't work for me)
    then I tried to start TWS using the command from TWS web site. It also didn't work
    ALthough I can start using firefox but I'd prefer standalone
    I'm not technically advanced so all those terminal commands are not understandable for me
    Is there easy way to install TWS like in Windows?
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    No, I think that's the only way.
    I don't know what activematrix is, but if you can't execute the command found on the IB site, and you can't start it, you might have your path not set (what error message do you get?).
    You should install java using Ubuntu's package manager, which as far as I know is called Synaptic.
    Besides, what do you mean by security reasons? If you don't have your machine constantly on the internet, you use it as a client, with a good firewall and an antivirus, don't use it as administrator, you'll be fine.
    I like people using Linux, but if you have problems don't make your life complicated.
  9. TWS will certainly run on any Linux distribution if you use the Sun JRE. You may not be running the Sun JRE. To find out which Java you are running,
    open terminal window and type

    which java

    If it says something like


    it is probably the wrong Java. Find out where the Sun Java was installed, and use the full path to the java executable to start TWS. Alternatively in your .bashrc, prefix the path to the Sun Java in your PATH eg if Sun Java is in /home/myhome/java,


    export PATH=/home/myhome/java/bin:$PATH to your .bashrc

    If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you had better do some study of elementary Linux/Unix commands. You will not be able to effectively use Linux otherwise.