TWS and Esignal failed me today...

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Digs, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. Digs


    I was trying to place a limit order to sell some TBUS..

    I was clicking the bid and ask in the esignal TWS order entry screen, to set the limit price, the market was fast, I hit the button to sell my shares for a good profit as I saw the market was turning.

    The order was partially entered into TWS screen, with a pop up box in TWS saying the "price fails" or something like that, I re view the Esignal TWS box and price looks fine to me, I re click the bid price and resend order, same again price fails....

    Trade turned into a loss...

    Whats going on why, I have the latest IB order plug in from esignal and latest TWS software...

    ANy one else had this issue, limit orders fail on price when esignal price box looks fine...
  2. PetaDollar

    PetaDollar Moderator

    Why not toss the plug-in and use TWS directly?
  3. I use the plugin for the initial entry only. When an alert fires I need to move fast most of the time. After I am in the stock I find that management is best done with TWS direct.
  4. Digs..

    just a thought.. everyone knows that esignals data tends to lag a bit in really fast markets.. so does it really make sense to try and trade using esignal in a fast market when you know there is likely a delay?.. IB's feed sends a snapshot of the market every like .6 seconds or so which helps eliminate lag between IB and TWS since tws isnt trying to process so many updates.. i personally wouldnt use the esignal IB plug-in unless i were trading something that moves slower than a snail stuck in molassas.. just my .02 :)

  5. The fastest prices will be from the broker feed in TWS. Esignal broadcasts a vendor feed which lags a fraction of a sec ( as do all retail type vendor feeds).