TWS 872.6 problems

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by KS96, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. KS96


    I wonder if anyone at IB tries TWS for Linux
    before those shit releases... It's just getting
    out of fashion.

    I upgraded yesterday, and:

    I try an STP order, I get MTL order.
    I try a STPLMT, I get a STP order.
    TRAIL -> MIT
    etc etc..
    (LMT works ok, it gives me a LMT wow!)

    Anyone has the .jar of the previous version?

    Java 1.5.0_09
  2. I don't have any of those problems, but I'm using windows XP.

  3. jasper6


    I have the same problem here. STOP order turns into MTL order. Also, the Transmit (T) hot key doesn't work now.

    Build 872.6
    Java 1.6.0_01
    Windows XP Pro

    I had been using the version from back in January, which worked fine. When they said it was no longer supported - paraphrasing - I upgraded. Wish I hadn't.
  4. moo


    After you click the orfer type box, release the mouse button before choosing order type. Then it should work.
  5. GoodGame


    I'm stuck when i key in my username and password and login. The pop up window keeps flashing every few seconds but i'm not getting log in... anybody can help?
  6. GTC


    GoodGame, try login again on Sunday afternoon EST. You might have run into IB's weekend down time period.
  7. 873.2 here and no issues...Of course I use webstart.. Via a .jnlp file on my desktop. OS X.4.9 here. No issues with Stops. T hotkey works fine (of course I chanegd all my hotkeys and archive everything daily.)
  8. I hope someone from IB picks this up.

    I am using the latest standalone version with my new computer that has Vista.

    Seems to be running OK but in this latest standalone version there is no way to see open P/L by item, only total for the day. This is unacceptable!

    In the java version one can see the breakdown on both the execution page and the account page.

  9. Bob111


    question for all stand alone users-which version of stand alone TWS have fewer bugs? looks like required minimum now is 870.1. i install 871.3 on java 6.1 after happy year with old 864 for last week or so have nothing but problems all over the place. With charts,API orders and so on.
    also-which java version should we use for now? I heard that IB did not support issues if you running TWS on java1.6 or greater?

    Thank you!
  10. java 1.5.11

    try one version back on that. im running 872.6 just fine but the one before was fine too.
    #10     Jun 3, 2007