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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by profitseer, Dec 9, 2002.

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    release notes (under browser version trade with beta):
    Release Notes for build 784


    Display TWS bulletin notification as static red bar
    To display bulletin notifications as a static red bar rather than a flashing bar, on the Configure menu select View, and then de-select the Flash Bulletin checkbox.

    Revised layout for bulletin messages
    The order in which TWS bulletins are displayed on the message board has been modified to show the most recent message first. To display the message board, click the red bulletin notification bar.

    Add "instantaneous transmit" function to hotkeys
    You can now make your hotkey functionality more powerful by instructing specific hot keys to both create and immediately transmit an order. Note that under the terms of the IB customer agreement, you are responsible for all orders entered in your account even those transmitted by a hotkey that you programmed. To add this power to a hotkey, on the Configure menu select Hotkeys. Select a hotkey shortcut and click Configure. On the Customize tab, select Transmit the order instantaneously. This feature is not global. You must manually select and accept this feature for each hotkey you want to customize.

    Always on top bug is fixed in the beta

    Yes, you can trade A/C/E now when they open. However, we still reset overnight and thus cut off that market around 11:50. All non-gtc's will be cancelled.

    demo suggestion:
    I'll suggest for a fee. There is no way we'll give it away free (1. there are data charges that we must pay the exchange, 2. there is a cost to the bandwidth resources it takes up.

    bracket trader: maybe some day but that's the beauty of the API. Guys like pretzel can write some nice code as an add-on.
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    def - Can't cancel them individually...they're OCA. :)

    About an IB simulator...I have one that uses the IB API. It's sort of a work in progress so I am not making it generally available yet, but if someone's interested in trying it out feel free to PM me...
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  4. hmmm, I wonder what this hotkey does?...whooops
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    BracketTrader is a great piece of software.

    Def, Can IB make TWS change stops as BT does? one click cancels one order and sends another in an instant. Like moving a stop or a target, without manually canceling one then sending the replacement. (or can this be done already?)

    Make 'em pretty, Chris
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    If you change the price/limit on the active order, and transmit w/o cancelling that should work.
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    Thanks for the quick responce.

    Doesn't seem to. I have hotkeys for price changes, and the price does change and the line turns a different color but the original price is still taken for the trade.

    Thanks, Chris
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    i'll have to look at that as I've changed stops w/o any problems. thanks for pointing it out.
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  9. Chris, if you have a price up and price down hotkey, you just highlight the stop then hit your price increase hotkey (that cancels the stop until price is where you want it, then hit your transmit hotkey and that re enters the order.

    It is especially easy if you set the stop price directly under the last price.

    If you are trading OCA, I don't know what happens to the oca id#.

    and I have no idea what will happen if try to modify one side of a bracket trade. I assume if the OCA id# is still showing in the status box, that it can be rentered.

    You can always use a simple code like "zzz" and match up the stop and the limit, but then you lose your place in line.
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    Profitseer, I have finally seen the light. :cool:

    I didn't realize I had to hit the transmit button! I just now noticed the new Transmit button. I was hoping it was more automatic like BracketTrader.

    Thanks, Chris
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