TWRT - an even rarer Joab call

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Joab, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Joab


    I almost NEVER buy OTC bb stocks but this one is different.

    Watch for earnings.

    Blue horse luvs TWRT :D

    Chart is a thing of beauty !
  2. It's a J. Gendell play.....

    Wind Energy
  3. J. Gendell and myself are also playing MIGL....

    MISCOR.....another wind energy play
  4. If your interested in other J. Gendell plays...He has been pretty active this week...If you have been following my journal for some time you will know my love for this guy and his fund...

  5. i cast a satanic spell on ur stock
  6. Joab


    Whatever you put out will comeback 10 fold so if I were you I would recant that fast.
  7. Joab


    Interesting !

    I've personally never heard of the guy but will take a closer look now.

    This company did 3 buyouts and I'm expecting earnings to be through the roof. :cool:
  8. The Average has worked well again in this name during consolidation phase...Nice break out over the last few days,,,Currently tesing the $14 all time high.....TWRT changed ticker to BWEN....wind energy play....
    Jeffery Gendell big hedge fund name in the play....

    check it out...

  9. VictorS


    wonder if joab made major cha-ching on this?
  10. And right when you thought it may of been stalling at 14 on get this kind of move.....
    #10     May 7, 2008