Two Years...Dow is south...Bigger picture pays

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  1. Traders....IMHO...
    I think U should look at Longer term weekly
    Dow is heading to 8000 area in about 2 years
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    What are you having for dinner on Tuesday May 3rd 2006?

    That all said I am bearish for the time being and do agree that you should look at longer term charts. I just dont know how you know where the market is going in two years, then again I am not the smartest guy here.
  3. OK Look at the weekly chart...the Logest rally is about 120 weeks...
    OK...the daily has about 220 +,-
    Combine the had rallied for a year + it had raliied for 120 weeks...(???)
    with a few up and' south in general!!
  4. it not clear? Now!!
  5. ok.
  6. Weekly
    now 10,124
    10 9,916 ...(10 weeks from Now)
    20 9,971
    30 10,063


    now 10,400
    10 10,360 ...(10 days from Now)
    20 10,332 ...(20 days from Now)
    30 10,331

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    I have been trading for 10 years, Ive used charts the entire time, but I must say I'm freaking lost with what you just said.
  8. Cheese


    When does anything change? The DOW has come down 500 points approximately from a month ago. The sages are bearish when the DOW has dropped a chunk and they are bullish when the DOW goes up a chunk.

    Any fundamental deep down change? No. Of course not.
    Sure, the usual litany of havoc year on year: floods, ground fires, earthquakes & terrorism around the world.

    But the USA is still the engine of the capitalist world and make no mistake about that. Everything is fine. I will go to bed and rise in the morning and just like 99% of the Western World I shall be safe, healthy and sufficiently fed as each day comes.

    Well, why would the alarmists and losers jacking around the place want to recognize the obvious?
  9. by the way... what will the weather be the week the Dow reaches 8000; and will it go to 15000 before selling off? :eek:

  10. 30-Aug-05 10,509
    10 days + 10,480
    20 days + 10,465
    30 Days + 10,495

    (ie. 10 Trade days from 30-Aug-05)

    above is system output

    Below is what happened... :)

    30-Aug-05 10,413
    31-Aug-05 10,482
    1-Sep-05 10,460
    2-Sep-05 10,447
    6-Sep-05 10,589
    7-Sep-05 10,634
    8-Sep-05 10,596
    9-Sep-05 10,679
    12-Sep-05 10,683
    13-Sep-05 10,597
    14-Sep-05 10,545
    15-Sep-05 10,559
    16-Sep-05 10,642
    19-Sep-05 10,558
    20-Sep-05 10,482
    21-Sep-05 10,378
    22-Sep-05 10,422
    23-Sep-05 10,420
    26-Sep-05 10,444
    27-Sep-05 10,456
    28-Sep-05 10,473
    29-Sep-05 10,553
    30-Sep-05 10,569
    3-Oct-05 10,535
    4-Oct-05 10,441
    5-Oct-05 10,317
    6-Oct-05 10,287
    7-Oct-05 10,292
    10-Oct-05 10,239
    11-Oct-05 10,253
    12-Oct-05 10,217
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