Two words will put this country back on track...

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    If these pompous a-holes in Washington would do the right thing instead of worrying about how it will poll, America could be great again.

    If there's no chance of being re-elected, you would see a much more proactive Washington instead of the pork garnering while these career politicians suck off the taxpayer's tit for doing nothing.

    If they truly want to help society (big assumption but I will lend them the benefit of doubt) they will step aside after 3-4 years.
  2. Absolutely agree. 90%+ of politicians are in the industry for themselves, not the good of the country. All they care about is reelection.

    I say give them one term, but make it kind of long as there is a learning curve, and ya want them competent as a whole. I would recommend 6 year terms where one third of em are elected every 2 years so you always have 2/3's in there with experience.

    You'd get a whole new crew that even considered running.
  3. Direct democracy.

    It gets rid of corruption from old-money and ideological nut-jobs implementing elite theory beliefs.
  4. And how exactly does this get passed? :p
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    That too would imply they would have to vote for the right thing. Funny thing is, I bet it would "poll well"
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    But, when I first saw your thread, I thought you were going to say: Government Accountability and/or Public Hangings.
  7. Barack Obama?
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    Number 1 >thats a laugh, is there such a thing?

    Number 2 > thats funny
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    Yeah,, they would actually have to vote term limts for themselves and you know how that would go.
  10. There is only one word to say to your two words...

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