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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by mikeenday, Nov 21, 2011.

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    I got invited to attend Charles Schwab PGA event from couple of financial advisor/wealth managers.

    They want to management my account, indicating their secret strategy is to sell calls when bear market comes.

    And they said their yearly return is 8%.

    I was stunned to realize how poor these professionals do.

    I'm up 300% with my IB account alone, not counting other lower performing accounts .

    and why should I let me management my account/money?
  2. I dont think this is for people like you. This is more for the average joe who has no clue on how to make money from the markets. Why even waste your time going to the meeting, assuming you went that is.
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    I followed Fred Couples for couple of holes. Not a bad meeting in term of golf at all.
    free tickets with nice food and wine.

  4. It is easy to make 300% on your $3,000 dollar account in one week.
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    please post a live call and show me how you do it.

  6. Full service brokers are after people that turn over their money and look at their statements a couple times per year. And that's the majority of 'investors' out there.

    But a free round of golf never hurts.