Two things with esignal that really need to change

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  1. OK,

    1) Refreshing one chart should not make all other open charts refresh. When I have a study that needs to collect data on the chart (i.e. bid/ask volume), and I refresh one other chart in the layout, the data from the study that was collecting data is ***LOST*** forever which is REALLY fucking annoying.

    2) Make the program work properly with zonealarm or other firewall software. Every time I open a new chart, I get a yellow "Trying" message in the chart's dialogue box that persists as long as I keep ZA running, so every time I load a new chart I have to shut down ZA and restart it. And no, I am not going to stop using firewall software to make esignal work.

    You're welcome in advance for my help,
  2. Are the two using the same symbol or different symbols?

  3. different. not even the same exchange.
  4. Ah. Well, that does sound messed up. No doubt.
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    I never worked with ZA, but can't you change settings on the ZA software so it will allow trafic from and to eSignal application and their servers ?
  6. I use e-signal with Zone Alarm and it works fine.
    You need to change the settings in it.
  7. i've got it set to allow esig DM and winsig internet access always...something else i'm missing? allow server?

    ps i've got esig b624.
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    I use zone alarm and do not have a problem adding charts in E signal. Just added a new chart in E signal and it worked fine.

    Good Luck
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    Since we are talking about ZA, here is my problem with IB. When using IB my computer does not "ding" anymore to alert me that i had a fill since i installed Zone Alarm. I really like that feature since i have many open orders in at times. Anyone know why and how to change it.

    Thanks for any help.
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    I'm still using 7.4 but I use ZA and a Linksys hardware firewall both. The DM is set for both access and server and Winsig is only set for access. Left Winsig at question marks for server.

    As for refresh I have the same symbol on multiple charts and it only refreshes the chart I asked it to refresh.

    Works fine.

    On the Esignal forum there are reports of some crashing with the 624 build. Mostly with trendlines and forex, but doesn't mean that bugs are limited to these items. fwiw

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