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    I put Scottrade and Ameritrade streamers side by side. Yup you guessed it, they didn't agree -LAST, BID and ASK were often different.

    How is that possible?
  2. I can suggest a few ways, but they are just brainstorming:

    source of each company's quotes for the streamer (direct or reseller)?

    number of hops from their source(s) to you?

    any level of processing done on your local box for one streamer over another?

    quality of processing power on each of their ends?

    quality of network connection (ISP) on each of their ends?

    amount/nature of processing to compile or format the data on each of their ends?

    Just ideas - ymmv.

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    This isn't what I wanted to read -begins to look like a blind man playing craps.

  4. Scottrade's data is really bad. The initial quote represents the standard cumulative quote. All updates however are for the primary exchange only. The quickest way to see this is to just look at the volume - initial value you get will be approximately the same as other sources. The moment an update comes in, the volumw will go lower!

    If you compare Ameritrade to a more reputable datafeed, you are likely to get far better results.
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    Ok hows this for two possible work arounds?

    Plan a) keep the Ameritrade streamer display active and use it to base my buy or sell decisions -BUT use Scottrade for order execution.

    Plan b)Use Scott for order execution and use Scotttrades "quick quote" to base buy or sell decisions. I.e., -I assume quick quote might operate independent of the Scott Streamer.
  6. Both plans would work, though frankly dumping Scottrade for a better broker (plan C) would be a better approach
  7. I agree with medved...if Scott is providing primary data only after the initial quote, they are missing half the info!

    I'd say find a better provider.

  8. i use scottrade as my data provider for the 3 indices only in quotetracker.........other than that their data is useless... i could comment on their trading platform but i wish to avoid any potential wrath from people using scottrade as a broker.
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    I have accounts at Smith Barney, Fidelity, Ameritrade, Edward Jones, Scottrade.

    Which of these has the most accurate LAST, BID, ASK?
  10. Don't remember for sure, but I didn't think that Smith Barney and Edward Jones have streaming quotes available?

    Ameritrade is generally pretty good.

    Fidelity active trader pro should be good too.

    Ameritrade is not tick by tick. You will get 3 or so updates per second even if a stock is trading 10 times per second. Fidelity I think is tick by tick if you use Active Trader Pro. The distinction is insignificant for pure price update speed. It can be significant if you are trying to view tick charts.
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