two stocks to buy now..........

Discussion in 'Trading' started by islands111, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. here are 2 plays to buy now for about 100% return in 6 weeks

    JASO (closed last night at 45.10)
    YGE (closed last night at 24.72)

    good luck to all

  2. this should go in the stocks section
  3. god job (cant argue with success)
  4. YGE up another 10% today, thats up 50% from my buy point

    JASO up 3% today, up 30% from my entry

    like I said these stocks are going sky high.....

  5. YGE up another 5% today
    JASO up .5%

    these stocks keep marching up and nobody takes notice.Did any1 enter when I first mentioned them?

    both of these are going sky high.this is just the beginning.....
  6. Good job. Maybe create a thread in the 'stocks' section of this forum with new picks.
  7. coolcom


    very nice
  8. both stocks hit record highs today before pulling back

    JASO is still up
    YGE down almost nothing

    incredible action in a brutal market
  9. Great job.

    Same for google. Holding up very well. When you buy good stocks you make money. That simple.
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