Two short videos that every American should see

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Gabfly1, May 6, 2011.

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  2. What could possibly be your point? I never once suggested that racism does not exist in all corners of the world and that it only manifests in the US. Nor do I approve of the manner in which seals are hunted and killed. (Why would you even bring up such a topic in this thread?!) However, and this is the point, I believe it is the very racists who exist in the US that have perpetrated, supported and perpetuated the birther movement. The videos are remarkably cogent. Is your post, such as it is, a tacit acknowledgment or denial? If I had to bet a dollar, I would wager that you didn't even watch the videos.
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    Imo, I think racism is a side issue. Obama's wife, Michelle, no question she was born in the US. However, her husband was practically unknown until only a few years before the election, and of course, a sketchy background with the deceased kenyan father and hippie-chick mother, just fueled more suspicion. Had he been conservative, there probably wouln't have been near the uproar, lol. It is a complicated matter, and probably doesn't make any sense to outsiders. I can understand where individuals would run with this, and of course, the crackpots being the loudest.