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  1. 1. How long does it take to run confirming DNA test:confused:
    (timing could be very important for trading next moves)

    2. Where, and how did we obtain original DNA samples from Saddam's body?:confused:

    any links?

    I doubt we used sterile vials and surgical gloves when we busted into his palaces, blew up his compounds.

    hmmm ok...with all the supposed harems and different people going in and out, sleeping over etc... I guess one could still make the case we have his DNA...I just have hard time believing any of the propaganda anymore. Jessica Lynch fiasco complete misinformation there. A war based on lies and deceit....:(

    Then again this could be for real...
  2. Mr....Harry Trader what you say?

    Michel B.
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    A DNA test can be done relatively quick and you can get DNA from Saddams relatives, it doesn't have to be from the actuall person.
  4. Thank you, how quick? any links?
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    i don't know exactly how quick, i just remeber about a year ago a person i knew had to have one done, and it was a five 5 day turn around or he could have payed extra and got the results in 24 hours, since that's what's available to the general public i imagine since the military has actual doctors on hand it would be just a matter of hours, if that. from what i know all they do is just a blood test, they could have compared it to one of his relative or i'm sure that they had dna from his two sons that were killed a couple months back.
  6. If those were his 2 sons....

    Michael B.

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    those were just two of the people they could have used, i know he had a son or nephew or somehthing that went to Harvard i believe a couple of years ago., they could have used it from him or any relative, i'm sure if the dna from his two sons and from him being captured all matched it probably is all three of them.
  8. First casualty of war is the truth....
  9. matter of hours?:confused: a day?:confused:

    what takes them so long?:confused: went for the 5 day deal to save money?:D

    hmmm.. waiting for Dow to close bellow 10k? for another shot in the arm?:D
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    Good question hommie.

    maybe day lien again bout dat capture ****!
    I thought dat Sadam had like 200 bodie doubles?
    I thought his sons were dead?
    how did day get dat dna crap if no body livin?


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