Two questions one practical one not.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jem, May 22, 2003.

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    One, on another thread I saw someone attach Ed Seykota's name to the concept of clearing. In the past I was given vague links and explanations--- Does anyone want to define it--- and explain how it is achieved, how it may or may not be needed and how or why it could help you make big money trading.

    Would it help a pro athlete. Is it a way for scamming people out of money. Is it better than Tony Robbins type stuff.

    Two. The practical one.

    What should I being doing during the first hour. I am now actually avoiding it by getting up late. But you look at the charts lately and that is when the big moves are made. In the past everytime I tried to look for followthrough it reversed.

    Should I be trading gaps. Where should I do the research. I am not asking for a trade technique just a lead in the right direction by profitable 1st hour traders. After the first hour I am fine. I make money but that first hour pisses me off.

  2. You could try drawing a line across the page from the opening price. If it goes above it trade long, below short. You'll win some and lose others. There's usually enough movement around to make it work. Depends what you trade...

    Basically find something that works for you, test it, paper trade it till you know it backwards and can do it in your sleep, then do it for real.