Two questions about English language

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  1. Dear all
    Why all people in the world study English languages?
    If anybody is not good at English is he in a problem?
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  2. opm8


    1) Because money talks.
    2) If you want to do business with the US, yes.
  3. ==================
    1]Because US,England, China,South Americans, Israel, Saudi Arabia all think English is important.
    2]Money talks
    3]English is a tough language to perfect if not learned as a kid, just do the best you can ,use manners. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

    Plenty of Americans dont know or use good english, or a spell checker, just do the best you can:cool:
  4. nkhoi

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    no, he is not, for example he can says "Wisdom is profitable to direct", but he's still ok. :D