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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by carlp, Dec 12, 2001.

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    Hi, this is a great site. Great information.

    My question is about two monitors. I need two monitors for trading, but I don't know too much about computers, so I need advice on how to get to a two monitor set-up.

    Right now I've got a Gateway machine with Windows 98.

    I know Win 98 supports up to 8 monitors and that I need a pci card.

    My questions:

    Is pci a brand name? Which brand name is suggested for 2 monitors? and what is the approx cost for a video card?

    Most important, will I have to take apart my computer tower to install the vid card, or is it located outside the computer?

    Thanks for any help
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    you could read the hardware section that Baron has made, lots of info there.
    pci is the bus type, most pc's have an agp(other bus type) video card inside. so you could use a dual (agp) video card because there's only room for one agp cards inside your pc. Or you could buy a pci video card and install it besides your agp card. Pci is cheaper, but more problems with installing it etc.
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    buy the cheapest pci (it will say pci on the box. it is not a brand) video card you can find. Almost all of them now have a least an 8mb chip which is enough for charts, etc. You will have to take the cover off your computer but it is no big deal. The video card will come with illustrated instructions. It is not difficult. You just plug it into the pci slot. Windows help will tell you how to activate it. The card will run 30 to 50 bucks most likely. Occasionally you can catch one on sale for less.
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    btw my advice: don't start trading with windows98, use windows2000 or xp, more stable.
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    Thanks for the responses.

    I went to the Hardware section of the site and got more info.

    I think the computer manufacturers are making this difficult for everbody. Why not have dual monitor capability ready? I mean two jacks or whatever they are called.

    Most people I know have at least two monitors. Why don't they make things easy on the public and set one standard.

    Such a simple project, but made difficult.

    Bottom line is that I'll have to spend about $400 just to see my work on a separate screen!

    I mean my machine with accessories was only $899. Sorry to rant, but I feel like I've been taken.
  7. Most computer users don't require two monitors on one computer, so why would the maufacturers build in that capability at extra cost for all? Traders are a very small minority of computer users.

    As others have explained, there is no need to spend $400 for this capability. Just get another video card and install it. I see them for as low as $15 used on my local buy and sell bulletin board.
  8. Just a further comment. Rather than a two monitor setup I prefer to use two computers networked with internet connection sharing, which is a standard feature of Windows 98. Don't know if this is still available on Windows XP. If it is, would someone tell me, I might upgrade.

    Networking just required two network cards and a cable and cost about $50. The advantage of two computers is that if my main computer dies on me mid-session I can still access my account from the other computer and monitor my open trades at least.

    So, if you have an old computer sitting around you might consider this option. My second is a P166 with a 14 inch monitor that I use dedicated to my trading platform, while I use my modern computer and 19 inch monitor for charting etc.