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  1. For further clarification: Each network card must be on a separate subnet. Choose DHCP to set the addresses if you are able to. If this is too much geek-speak contact an online tech-support forum for help like
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    <I>There is one other solution, after looking around for a while I found

    Their ISBPro800 router allows you to hook up two broadband connections and a modem or ISDN backup. I use it with ATT cable modem and earthlink DSL and it works great. The beauty of it is that you are sharing both connections so if one goes down you don't even notice.<I/>

    Thats a good solution. I have a router which gives me 15 different IP addresses. So I can run up to 14 PCs at once.
    Backup cable just one PC.

    The point that I wish to make is my download speed is supposed to be 2Mbps with upload 250Kbps.
    I have never achieved this figures,even in middle of night with one PC. The most I have is about 700Kbps down and around 100Kbps uload. Backup high speed cable sometimes fares better and is a 1/10 of price.
    Backup cable;jsessionid=3099381004429694390
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    When you arrive at the homa page of ET, click the link discussion on the top of the page , the green pane. There you can choose your forum (main category) where ou want to start a new thread. Click on it.

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    Or you can open any thread from the main page, click start a new thread and thats it. :D :D Of course this will place your thread in the wrong forum, as I did for a looong time until I learned how to do it properly.

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