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  1. Hi. Is it possible to have 2 network cards in one computer. One network card is for a dedicated line, the other is for a cable modem. Running windows 2000. If it is possible, will the computer Pentium 4, run with normal speed, and how many applications would it be possible to run on the machine with decent speed.

    Thanks for all your help
  2. Yes, you can put as many NICs you computer can take.
    As for connection, only 1 is allowed. I used @Home cable modem, and you have to use the computer name provided. That is how their network recognised you computer.
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    I have win2000 with two nic cards. One with broadband and the other high speed cable. Being in UK I lose my USA connections a couple of times each day. It takes about 30 secs to switch from one to another and log back on to software.
    Its must to have backup these days. I also have backup PCs.

  5. Can windows recognize 2 network cards? One being with specific ip addresses, the other with static dhcp adresses?
  6. Kensmith, is it possible to run both nic cards at the same time?
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    <i>Kensmith, is it possible to run both nic cards at the same time?</i>

    Yes. But if the I lose connection it does not automatically go to other connection.
    So I go to Settings, Network and Dial up connections and disable local area connection1 and enable local area connection2. Or other way round.
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    As someone else stated... you can have as many network cards as your system can handle, but your computer will pick the first one available to route your Internet connection through. If that connection goes down then your access to the Internet will usually stop. The quickest way I have found to switch connections is with Windows 2000... you can quickly disable one card and enable the other. I then share this connection to the other computers on my network. through a third network card.

    IMO, the best solution for redundancy is to have two computers, each with a seperate Internet connection.

  9. I like Fletch's recommendation.

    Consider having the 2nd pc be a laptop with a modem. That way you will be operational even if power is out. My laptop also has an ethernet Card, so the modem is only for panics.
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    There is one other solution, after looking around for a while I found

    Their ISBPro800 router allows you to hook up two broadband connections and a modem or ISDN backup. I use it with ATT cable modem and earthlink DSL and it works great. The beauty of it is that you are sharing both connections so if one goes down you don't even notice. :D
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