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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by OffTilt, Jan 14, 2009.

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    I moved into a friends place who already has FIOS internet installed. However, I would really prefer to have my own connection. I called comcast to ask if I could also have cable internet installed. Much to my surprise they said "yes". I figured they wouldn't be able to do this since FIOS still utilizes the cable lines inside the house.

    Is this possible or did they customer service person not know what they were talking about?

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    fios internet(at least in my house) doesn't use tv cables(i don't have fios tv). it's simple cat 5 cable from ONT box,located outside to the router. so-in my case having dual connection from comcast and fios is no problem.
    btw-if you prefer your own connection-you can try cascading NAT.
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    fios is fiber
    its way better than comcast
  4. I had an offer to get FIOS at a discount recently... don't they pull out your copper when they install it? I have a dual wan router and I want the copper and the FIOS really, it's the redundancy thing...
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    The default FIOS install will use coax from the outside box (ONT) to the inside where the FIOS router will give you ethernet. If your friend has FIOS TV service they may also push their QAM signal over any existing coax in the house so that they can just hook-up a set-top-box anywhere there is a jack in the house.

    If you want to get cable for internet only then all the cable company needs to do is run a second coax from the outside to the inside and attach their little cable modem - there is no need to blast their signal all over the house in this situation. Presumably there is an existing cable from the cable company sitting unused outside the house now, disconnected when FIOS was installed.

    But I agree with the other poster, FIOS is much better than cable for internet access. If you want your own connection get a second FIOS connection - yes it is possible.
  7. You can request that Verizon keep the copper connected. The problem is that if you have FIOS Verizon may refuse to give you a DSL connection on the copper or will stop supporting DSL from your CO in the near future. You would need a cable ISP for redundancy.
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    Very true - if you have the option get CLEC DSL service on the Verizon copper - then they cannot touch the copper.
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    I called verizon twice. The first time they said I couldn't install a second connection. I called a second time to confirm and the second person spoke with a supervisor and said that they could. The fiber lines have extra lines incase of breakages and for other services that they can utilize in my case. So I am getting my own ONT/connection installed.
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    2 ISP is different from 2 internet accounts.

    if it is bandwidth you are concerned with, you might save some money by simply "upgrading" to a higher speed package.
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