Two GIANT steps to stop the oil

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    So The One has undertaken two massive, mind-bogglingly huge steps to "plug the damn hole".

    Step 1: He's mad. Not just mad, but really mad! Furious, even!

    Step 2: He cancelled a trip! To not just one but two countries!

    Wow! The world anxiously awaits the results of this spectuarly new "Get Tough" action. Will it finally plug the leak?

    'Furious' Obama heading to Gulf for spill update

    WASHINGTON – Determined to project both command and compassion, President Barack Obama is returning to the Louisiana coast for a fresh reality check on work to stanch the oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico and the spiraling effects of the nation's worst environmental disaster. The president underscored the mounting political implications by abruptly canceling plans for a trip to Indonesia and Australia later this month.
  2. His community agitator skills are coming alive!
  3. He's finished. In November, his party will be destroyed and he'll have two years with a hostile senate and congress to get absolutely nothing done.

    Obama is essentially Carter v2.0. The African-American version.

    If anyone here would like to make a private bet to the contrary with me, I will certainly entertain it (we're talking $$ here).
  4. i wonder. what would bush or mcbush have done differently? this is one of those things where the only cure was prevention through tougher regulation.
  5. Perhaps the guy who the experts ignored may have fired off an e mail to the oilman Bush and complained. Bush may have taken the dissenting opinion seriously, he's in the business.

    Point being, where do whistle blowers turn when you have no one who is familiar with anything?
  6. you do understand that under bush industry regulations were gutted? you see a pattern here? regulation not enforced in the financial area under bush and a big blowup. regulation not enforced in the oil industry under bush and a big blowup. the causes of this oil spill were created over years of lax regulation.

    you could argue that obama should have clamped down sooner on the oil industry but if you remember he was busy fighting republicans on another front.
  7. Obama and the democrats were all set to give BP a safety award. So apparently their opinion conflicts with yours.
  8. Yes, fighting them on the healthcare front - a front the public in large part did not want him to fight.
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    Regurgitated Bush did it. Your handle is oxymoronic.
  10. the ideology of anti regulation is far reaching.;contentBody
    Report Finds Oil Industry Filled Out Inspection Reports in Pencil, Inspectors Traced in Pen
    The report, which describes inappropriate behavior by the staff at the Minerals Management Service from 2005 to 2007, also found that inspectors had accepted meals, tickets to sporting events and gifts from at least one oil company while they were overseeing the industry.
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