two CPU's?

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  1. So what could go wrong if you don't have the recommended cpu power ? I use a 2.2 ghz while eSignal recommends a 2.6 ghz- sometimes I run messenger to talk with other traders(sensible ones ) news websites and my brokerage all on three monitors- RAM is far my orders fill at market within 2 seconds.
    8 months with this computer and no troubles (yet)
    Seriously , can anything go wrong due to having a lighter duty processor ?
    will it melt down and catch fire ??:)
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  2. Not to mention potential stability and heat issues. Really bad idea for a trading machine.
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  4. I have a top of the line dual-core Dell XPS bought in January -- why do the quotes on my TWS still get clogged up from time to time? :(
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  5. I don't mean the laptops Nkhoi, I mean the new standalone processors ... for about 215 retail you can buy a std processor that can be overclocked up to the extreme processor performance levels with std cooling (or not overclocked if u wish).
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    By all means, pay for the extra processor if it makes you feel better. As for me, I know empirically that it is not worth the risk or the money. And yes, there is additional risk with the multicore/multiprocessor code path.

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  7. Would we need a dual processor for speed if we are using strategy runner and our fills are exectuted and stores on strategy runner servers and not our own computers?
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  8. I would wait until Windows Vista comes out to buy a new system. Windows Vista will only run on 64 bit processors. The computers they are selling now, do not have 64 bit processors. At least the town I live in doesn't. Your's might.
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  9. That isn't correct. Vista will ship in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

    Microsoft isn't going to give away the huge upgrade market. They want as many current PC users as possible to upgrade.
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    just look for sticker say "WINDOWS VISTA™ CAPABLE "
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