Two concepts for the headlines: Dar Al-Islam & Dar Al-Harb

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  1. Spain and the rest of the entire world can now order and receive for free, courtesy of the Arab U.N., their door mats with "Dhimmi" emblazened on them. Welcome home!!

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    Reference to the once Muslim empire of Al Andalus are common among Islamic terrorists because one of the goals of radical Islam is the stated desire to control the world, specifically and firstly with the lands they lost on the battlefield, this includes modern Spain. In the Islamic world, few symbols are as resonant as the downfall of Al Andalus in the 15th century. To many militants, its fall, because of internal strife among rival Muslim princes and tribes, marked the end of Islam's so-called 'golden age.'


    The Lebanese terrorist with an Arabic-Spanish name arrested this week on plotting to blow up New York is no different than any other Islamic terrorist. He, like they, have declared war against the entire world. We need to remember that Islamic terrorists committing violence in Jerusalem, London, Madrid or New York see those cities as the centers of the lifestyle they despise. In their world?the world of Islam?there are only two concepts in which society exists, Dar Al-Islam and Dar Al-Harb. Dar al-Harb (the world of war) refers to the territory under the supremacy of unbelievers (non-Muslims), this includes Spain, Israel and other countries. Dar Al-Islam (world of Islam) refers to the lands and people under Islamic control?or that will soon be under Islamic control.