Two Buys + One Sell = 2 Daytrades?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by version77, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. If you buy 500 shares of a stock twice during the day then sell
    the 1000 shares in one sell does it count as one or two daytrades?
    This is assuming your account is under 25K.


    = 3 trades , i believe.
  3. But how can that be? If one buy and one sell = only one daytrade
    then how can one extra buy = 3 trades?


    yes, i am not so sure now for my answer,
    but i think each order is a trade ?
    you buy first 500 X : 1 trade
    you buy another 500 X : 1 trade
    you sell 1000 X : 1 trade
  5. well 3 transactions for sure but maybe its only one round trip. Not sure if round trips matter though.
  6. I think for the daytrading rule that one buy and one sell equals
    one daytrade so maybe 2 buys and one sell equals 2 daytrades?
  7. why not ask your brokerage to be sure?
  8. horseman


    Is there a difference between buying 500 shares twice or having a 1000 share order filled by 2 partials. If I have a 1000 share order partialed 5x at 200 sh each, am I PDT if I sell in the same day? My guess is if you bought 2x and sold only once, it would be 1 trade. If it's not 1 trade, then partials could be a problem. But it's only a guess.
  9. I think partial fills of a single order count as a single order. I know I only get one ticket charge.
  10. BillyG67


    Well To the best of My Knowledge A daytrade is a round trip (One Buy & 1 Sell) in a Market Day (including EH) Therefor 2 buys or Sells & 1 Sell or buy would not be 2 daytrades
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