Two Big Funds At Bear Stearns Face Shutdown

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  1. I know of one significant blowup this week. I assume it will hit the wires soon.
  2. come on spill the beans
  3. There is NO problem for the greater market. Companies and businesses fail in all sectors of the economy for all reasons this is no different and it doesnt mean the whole wall is coming down on our heads.
  4. Brother, when they reprice this stuff, the excrement will hit the wind oscillator. You think they priced it low????
  5. if they start bailing on this, it should hit the 10 yr market good. may even sell into the 10 yr market before unloading as a dirty hedge. either way watch the 10 yr get hit again soon.
  6. S2007S


    that news should knock the dow down about 15 points and create another rally to 14,000. Everything is just too good on wallstreet for this rally to be stopped.
  7. Somebody doc the time and date here. This has to be some sort of omen.

  8. nice call
  9. Good call indeed...interesting to see what happens.

    Markets look shaky and are really grasping for gains with that bullshit run on energy data. :D
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