Two Accounts with IB Possible?

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  1. I am a stock trader and am setting up accounts for futures trading.

    I would like to have 2 seperated accounts for futures trading, 1 for day trading and the other one for longer term swing (1-5days).

    Can that be done with IB?

    If not, any suggestion?

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    Yes. I have several accounts with IB.
  3. thanks for ur reply!

    did you have to do the application several times?

    how does that work? did you ask for account1, account2 etc when you do the application?
  4. You can have up to 5 acc without to fill with a regulator (ie NFA, SEC)

    Do you have to make the process again each time you want to open a new account no matter the broker

  5. Question:

    so say you have 2 accounts at IB, account A and account B.

    Can account A be under the bundled structure, and account B be under the unbundled structure?

  6. great question..
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    Haven't tried it but I believe so.

    My beef is you can't do FOP transfer of positions between accounts to the best of my knowledge.
  8. I have the same question. But is it possible to create an advisor account with IB so you can trade the same trades with both my IRA and margin account (without having to open two TWS sessions?) In other words, I buy 200 shares of AAPL for instance, and both accounts get the same limit order based on my one entry?
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  10. You can have account A unbundled an account B bundled.

    Same ownership doesn-t mean anything each account its a different story.

    You can even have an account without the same trading permission than the others, I do have one with japanese and german futures and theother only for Us stocks.
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