Twitterati aka O's Twitter Townhall Thing

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  1. Our commie President recently held the first townhall meeting answering questions sent via Twitter. Of course, he only answered the ones he wanted to. Here is a list of some he did not answer:

    Obama holding first ever twitter town hall today. I just wanna hear him say "My fellow Twitterers. Tweeps and Trolls."

    #askobama Are you going to play chicken with R's pet projects and earmarks in budget battle ? Please say yes. :) EdConley7

    #askobama What laws are going to be enacted to prevent more Justin Bieber albums? cmglassmire

    Do you ever dance around the Oval Office like Hugh Grant did in "Love Actually"? #AskObama WiscoKatie

    #AskObama Mr. President, you know that many Americans don't believe in Gods. Why do you end every speech with "God Bless America"? Brasilmagic

    Can you teach me how to dougie? #askobama KayMarvin

    Will you have a WH beer summit with Casey Anthony, Nancy Grace, and the Jury to heal our nation? #askobama luke_johnson

    How do you plan to negotiate with Republicans who now admit that Ronald Reagan is too far to the left for them? #AskObama Left_Fielder

    #askObama Ron Paul & Barney Frank have agreed on marijuana legalization across the aisle. Isnt a good sign that its a legit tax/biz issue? aaziADee

    Is there a government bailout prepared for the Cubs?

    #AskOBAMA Is the white house hiring? T1theinfamous

    #AskObama is it okay for me to go to Vegas yet? cubscoltsfan

    Thank God @NickKristof is finally being heard! We're sure glad the White House is taking questions from the little people.

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    Your chances of getting an Obama answer to your Tweet is directly proportional to your ability to bundle donations to the Obama campaign.
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    What's the minimum donation to get this one answered?

    "#askobama What laws are going to be enacted to prevent more Justin Bieber albums? cmglassmire"