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  1. @ChrisKauza: Chris Kauza is Managing Director of Soltus Group.
    @ChrisKnight: Chris Knight is the CEO of EzineArticles.
    @chrismoreschi: Chris Moreschi is the CEO of Event Brander.
    @ClateMask: Clate Mask is CEO of Infusionsoft.
    @colligan: Paul Colligan played a key role in the launch of dozens of successful Web and Internet marketing strategies with tens of millions of visitors and dollars in revenue.
    @colneedham: Col Needham is the founder and Managing Director of IMDB.
    @CommunispaceCEO: Diane Hessan is CEO of Communispace.
    @copyblogger: Brian Clark earns lots of money from the internet.
    @craignewmark: Craig Newmark is the founder of Craigslist.
    @cshirky: Clay Shirky was Partner at The Accelerator Group and VP Technology at CKS Group.
    @cspenn: Christopher Penn is CTO of Edvisors.
    @curetonl: Linda Cureton is CIO at NASA/Goddard Space Center.
    @d2h: David Heinemeier Hansson is a Partner at 37signals.
    @dannysullivan: Danny Sullivan started Search Engine Watch (acquired by Meckler Media).
    @daveknox: Dave Knox is Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble.
    @davemc500hats: Dave McClure is a serial entrepreneur.
    @davemorin: Dave Morin is Senior Platform Manager at Facebook.
    @DaveTaylor: Dave Taylor is a serial entrepreneur.
    @davewiner: Dave Winer is an entrepreneur and investor in web companies.
    @david_cummings: David Cummings is the founder and CEO of Hanon Hill Corporation, an Inc 500 company.
    @davidalston: David Alston served as VP at multiple companies.
    @davidbullock: David Bullock generated over $100 million in sales.
    @davidharkleroad: David Harkleroad is CMO of Hay Group and directly managed units that sold $100 million+
    @davidmarcus: David Marcus founded multiple venture backed companies.
    @dbounds: Darren Bounds is co-founder of Cliqset.
    @DDrazic: Drazen Drazic is CEO of Securus Global.
    @demandrichard: Richard Rosenblatt is co-founder/Chairman/CEO of Demand Media.
    @devahaz: Deva Hazarika is CEO of ClearContext.
    @dfletcher: David Fletcher is CTO of the State of Utah.
    @dmitry: Dmitry Shapiro is the founder of Veoh.
    @dneely40: Dan Neely is CEO of Networked Insights.
    @dneisser: Drew Neisser is President and CEO of Renegade.
    @dondodge: Don Dodge is Director, Business Development at Microsoft.
    @DougKass: Doug Kass is President of Seabreeze Partners.
    @drimington: Dave Rimington is President of the Boomer Esiason Foundation.
    @dsearls: Doc Searls is on the advisory boards of many top internet companies.
    @dsifry: Dave Sifry is the founder of multiple companies, including Technorati.
    @duncanriley: Duncan Riley co-founded the b5media blog network, which raised $2 million in venture funding.
    @ebenpagan: Eben Pagan earned tons of money via products and conferences.
    @edscanlan: Edmund Scanlan is CEO of Total Attorneys.
    @edskimin: Ed Skimin co-owns a ten person Internet consulting firm.
    @ericjackson: Eric Jackson is the founder of Ironfire Capital.
    @eugenelee: Eugene Lee is the CEO of Socialtext.
    @ev: Evan Williams is the CEO of Twitter and Founder of Blogger and Odeo.
    @ExecutiveMoms: Marisa Thalberg is VP, Global Digital Marketing at The Estee Lauder Companies
    @ezraroizen: Ezra Roizen is a Partner at Ackrell Capital.
    @felixvelarde: Felix Velarde is Managing Director of Underwired.
    @fgossieaux: Francois Gossieaux is President of Corante.
    @finkd: Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook.
    @fredwilson: Fred Wilson is a venture capitalist.
    @garyvee: Gary Vaynerchuk grew Wine Library to $50 million in sales.
    @gcolony: George Colony is the CEO of Forrester Research.
    @graywolf: Michael Gray was webmaster for a retail that went from $10,000 a month to $25 million in annual sales.
    @guykawasaki: Guy Kawasaki is a venture capitalist.
  2. Marketing at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide.
    @RonGoch: Ron Goch is Founder of The Telios Group and was VP of Business Operations for the Utah Starzz.
    @Ross: Ross Mayfield is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Socialtext.
    @ryancarson: Founder of Carsonified, which created and sold Dropsend.
    @RyanSwagar: Ryan Swagar is a serial entrepreneur.
    @sacca: Chris Sacca is a venture investor who was previously Head of Special Initiatives at Google Inc.
    @samdecker: Sam Decker is CMO of Bazaarvoice. He led Dell’s consumer web site, building it to $3.5B in annual sales.
    @samirarora: Samir Arora is CEO of Glam Media.
    @samlawrence: Sam Lawrence is CMO of Jive Software and was previously Senior Vice President in charge of the global Microsoft Office marketing efforts at McCann Erickson.
    @sanjay: Sanjay Parekh was founder and CEO of Digital Envoy.
    @scott_so: Scott Sanders is National Category Development Manager at Acosta Sales & Marketing and Vice President at Bosco Chocolate Syrup.
    @scotwingo: Scot Wingo is CEO of ChannelAdvisor.
  3. @shayang: Shayan Zadeh is co-founder and co-CEO of Zoosk.
    @shellen: Jason Shellen is the CEO of Plinky and was Director of Business Development at Pyra Labs (creators of Blogger, acquired by Google).
    @shoemoney: Jeremy Schoemaker made tons of money on the internet.
    @simccormack: Sean McCormack is VP of Communications at Boeing.
    @simonmc: Simon McDermott is CEO of Attenti.
    @skydiver: Peter Shankman is Founder of Help a Reporter Out.
    @socialmedian: Jason Goldberg is the Founder of socialmedian, VP at Xing, and Former CEO of Jobster.
    @sterlizzi: Stephen Terlizzi is CEO of Previously, he was VP and GM of the Storage Solutions Group at Adaptec.
    @stevecase: Steve Case is the Founder of Revolution and former Chairman & CEO of AOL.
    @stevecunningham: Steve Cunningham is CEO of Polar Unlimited.
    @steven_cox: Steven Cox is CEO of
    @stevenbjohnson: Steven Berlin Johnson is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of
    @steverubel: Steve Rubel is SVP at Edelman Digital.
    @stoweboyd: Stowe Boyd was previously SVP of Engineering at Rational Software.
    @sulemanali: Suleman Ali founded Esgut.
    @sunimunshani: Suni Munshani is CEO of Novitaz.
    @tamccann: T.A. McCann is CEO of Gist.
    @tedmurphy: Ted Murphy is the CEO of IZEA, which raised $10 million in venture capital funding.
    @tferriss: Tim Ferriss is an entrepreneur and bestselling author.
    @tgrantpexcard: Toffer Grant is CEO of PEX Card.
    @ThomRainer: Thom Rainer is CEO of LifeWay.
    @thornley: Joseph Thornley is CEO of Thornley Fallis.
    @timbray: Tim Bray is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Open Text Corporation.
    @timdavis: Tim Davis is CIO at Popeye’s.
    @timoreilly: Tim O’Reilly is the Founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media.
    @timothysykes: Tim Sykes made $2 million trading stocks.
    @timyoung: Tim Young is CEO of SocialCast.
    @toddvernon: Todd Vernon is CEO of Lijit Networks.
    @tomhood: Tom Hood is CEO of MACPA and was CFO of Bryn Awel Corporation.
    @tonystubblebine: Tony Stubblebine is the founder of Crowdvine.
    @TonyUphoff: Tony Uphoff is CEO of TechWeb.
    @UpbeatNow: Rajesh Setty is CEO of Suggestica.
    @vassko: Vassil Mladjov is founder and CEO of Blogtronix.
    @venezia: Norman Hajjar is CMO/EVP at Guitar Center.
    @vivek: Vivek Ranadive is Founder and CEO of TIBCO Software Inc.
    @wayt: Wayt King co-founded N2 Broadband, which was purchased for $120 million.
    @wbogan: Wayne Bogan is CTO of Spirit Telecom.
    @webwright: Tony Wright is the CEO of RescueTime.
    @werner: Werner Vogels is CTO of
    @whabib: Warren Habib is SVP, MTV Digital.
    @wilshipley: Wil Shipley founded The Omni Group.
    @windley: Dr. Phil Windley is CIO of Kynetx. Previously he was CIO of the State of Utah and a Vice President at Excite.
    @wolfgroupasia: David Wolf is CEOWolf Group Asia and was formerly Practice Leader at Burson-Marsteller Asia Pacific.
    @wood83: Jason Wood co-manages two funds.
    @wpollak: Bill Pollak is CEO, North America at Incisive Media.
    @yaniksilver: Yanik Silver sold $12 million of products.
    @zappos: Tony Hsieh is the CEO of Zappos.
  4. I can't help thinking that Twitter is going to be the sock puppet of this era...
  5. I don't get the appeal of twittering. Seems pretty dumb and boring.
  6. yeah, i really don't understand it either. just thought the list had some interesting names....

  7. If it gets looked at enough it's absolutely ripe for stock manipulation.

    post lies, hyperbole, false rumors, etc and jerk the stock's price for profit.
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    TWITTER IS THE ULTIMATE FAD THAT WILL BE FORGOTTEN about just like every web 2.0 hype. Last night on larry king they had a huge segment on twitter and all I did was laugh. I find it quite pathetic how quick everyone is running into this thinking they have something worthwhile. Who cares what someone is doing or how they feel at 2:39pm on a tuesday afternoon. I still cannot understand how important this is really made out to be.
  9. It's similar to cell phones. You can tell your "friends" what you are doing every 15 minutes, you know ...stuff like bowel movements, what you had for breakfast, photographs of your genitals....the really important stuff. :cool:
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