Twitter users threaten to assassinate Mitt Romney...

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    Nothing displays that fact more clearly than the dozens of horrific death threats made against GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney via Twitter, which were uncovered Sunday night. South Carolina attorney Todd Kincannon, who is also the former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party, took notice of the intense hatred coming from the left and directed the threatening messages to the Secret Service and FBI’s official Twitter accounts.....

    RT @sistertoldjah: @SecretService RT @iAmBenjisLady: If Romney wins Ima Shoot his ass Its Gonna Be another JFK insident

    cc: @SecretService @TwitchyTeam RT @ana_escobar12: RT @DamDaisy_xo: If i could i would murder mitt romney

    Life $tyle.@LiftedBoy_
    I crash that fucking airplane that that faggot nigga Romney, stab Mrs. Romney in her GOD DAMN esophagus. & won’t stop until the cops come in

    @SecretService @TwitchyTeam RT @Teddy_NikeBoy: Just want yal ta know...if Romney win we still gone be cool....CUZ IM A SNIPE HIS ASS!!

    @SecretService @TwitchyTeam RT @JCBaltodano: If Romney wins the elections I will start a national riot to kill his ass!

    Lines of Coke@Cocoa_9mm
    Romney need his white ass kneecaps blown off black ppl ain‘t the problem it’s lazy rich mufuckas like him who never scrubbed a pot before!!!
  2. GOP lawmaker: Obama most threatened president ever

    President Barack Obama is "probably the most threatened president ever," says the ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee. Rep. Pete King (R-NY) told NBC’s Matt Lauer that he supported the idea that Tareq and Michaele Salahi -- the socialite couple who gate-crashed a White House state dinner last week -- should be prosecuted as a "deterrent" to others who might want to try something similar. "We can’t show this type of weakness to terrorists, or to psychopaths, especially with President Obama, who is probably the most threatened president in our history," King said. "That’s why we have to have a full investigation to find out exactly what the Secret Service is doing to prevent this from ever happening again

    Threats Against Obama Soar

    Obama threatened more than any previous president-elect

    (Newser) – Law enforcement officials say Barack Obama is the most threatened president-elect in history, the AP reports. Potentially threatening writings, Internet chatter, and other activity aimed at Obama has soared since Election Day, accompanied by a surge in racist graffiti. Officials say most of the threats come from ranters lacking the power to harm Obama, but they can't afford to take anything less than seriously.

    The white supremacist movement, gripped by post-election rage and desperation, has seen membership boom on its message boards. But the hostility is likely triggered by more than just racism, explained a former Secret Service agent who oversaw Obama's private protection detail before his presidential run. "Anytime you're going to have something that's new, you're going to have increased chatter," he said.
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    Brilliant people on the left, displaying their iq's as being about the same as their shoe size... if they shoot Romney maybe Ryan won't want prisoners, just heads on sticks, no? In other non-news they are going ballistic because a [fantastic looking] Black actress is endorsing Romney...