twitter users as dumb as ET members

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock777, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. I've given out a slew of winners on twitter (another nick) at about a 90% win rate or more, and there's no feedback at all.

    I'm beginning to think you need to be wrong to attract attention (ie Cramer, Kass, the rest of those idiots), the average trader being a complete moron. Amazing, but true to my theory that if you posted 100 winners in a row no one would notice.
  2. Perhaps you'd get more attention if you scraped your knee and cried.

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  3. heh. no, I could care less really, but there's some dynamic here that is worth understanding.

    if you dont think so, then join the club.

    Im talking about instant winners, not shit you have to wait 4 hours or 4 days for. You'd think they'd notice.
  4. So what you're saying is that the real winners are those who take advice or tips from anonymous tipsters, without any benefit of an underlying basis, rather than think for themselves?
  5. lol

    Gabfly's back ...and he's calling everyone out on their BS!

    good to have you back! :D
  6. I'm saying that anyone that ignored a 90%+ win rate would be classified as an asshole, if one were being kind

    and anonymous doesn't mean diddly. better an anonymous genius, than a fool who you knew since childhood

    but thanks for proving my point

    this is the reason I rarely post actionable trades here, since no one appreciates it , or worse yet , can handle it
  7. Do us a favor and never post anything here ever again - actionable trades or otherwise.
  8. see what I mean, not only do they not appreciate it, they get nasty.

    lol, imbeciles
  9. Living well is the best revenge. How well are you living on your calls thus far? And why should anything else matter?
  10. so true.

    I bring it up as an exercise in the Anthropology of the Trader

    I'd say something along the order of Cro Mangon would be right

    Ugh. Lose again!

    Note the high frequency club
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