Twitter turns down 500m Facebook offer

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  1. About USD $57 million of Twitter is owned by venture capitalists. Williams raised about USD $22 million in venture capital.[18] Twitter is backed by Union Square Ventures, Digital Garage, Spark Capital, and Bezos Expeditions (led by Jeff Bezos of Amazon).[19] Institutional Venture Partners and Benchmark Capital backed Twitter in 2009, investing an additional USD $35 million.The Industry Standard has pointed to its lack of revenue as limiting its long-term viability.[20] As of January 2009, the service sold no advertising and produced no revenue. It is rumored that Twitter turned down an offer from Facebook to acquire the company for $500 million in Facebook company stock.[21] Twitter has been rumoured to carry a $250 Million dollar value by venture capitalists, according to a CNet report.[22]. On February 13, 2009, Twitter announced on their official blog[23] that they closed a third round of funding in which they secured more than 35 million dollars[24]

    Can someone please explain to me the value in twitter???? And why these retards all think their web-blog companies provide any real value???
  2. The facebook stock can't be monitized. Had it been $500mm of GOOG or MSFT stock they probably would have taken it.
  3. This is part of the problem. Some people will pound the table and say it's all about advertising revenues, and exposure, blah, blah. Capitalism has found a way to bid up the price of earth, fire, wind, and water (sounds like a Captain Planet summons), and has taken to cyberspace. 500m dollars for a network like twitter is probably 498m dollars too many(the other 2m should cover realestate and computer equipment costs).

    I think that this garbage defines what is wrong with our system. 500m bucks for a piece of cyberspace that will be out of fashion in 2 years (think myspace) is a joke. It's the most absurd shit I have ever seen in my life, and the same people that claim there is value in it are probably the same types that paid 1.4m dollars for a 1500 sqft bungalow in Orange County 3 years ago. Most of these people really don't know how to value anything at all.

    It's a big sham, honestly, and if I were Twitter, I would take the money and run knowing that I have totally fleeced someone for a cool 500m.

    "Twitter has been rumoured to carry a $250 Million dollar value by venture capitalists, according to a CNet report"

    How are the VC's valuing this?? 1999 accounting methods??
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    Too right. And the right word to use here, or phrase is 'online fashion'.

    No doubt Twitter is hot right now but give it a year or 2 and something will no doubt replace it......
  5. Even if fleecebook offered 100Bln, it wouldn't matter. All they would be doing is transferring ownership from one worthless entity to another. 500mm of facebook stock is currenlty worth goose eggs. Both are Epic Failures. If facebook, or any other fool ever makes a cash offer, to either of these dumpsters, they would be the fools not to take it, in any amount. I'll bet the VC's want some splainin.
  6. Twitter could be worth 10 billion minimum. Hopefully they'll IPO soon.
  7. The more I hear about the supposed value of some of this crap, the more I figure they are all worth shit.

    Time to tear it all down, throw all these college boys in jail where they belong, and let real Americans build something of value.
  8. It's the year "1999" all over again, just for a few days. They'll regret not doing the deal. We'll see. :cool:
  9. facebook is no bubble. It is worth every penny of 30 billion.
  10. Two words

    Tulip mania
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