'Twitter Now a Source for Bernie Madoff-ish Investment Returns'

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Wallace, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. 15% in 6 months is not Madoff-ish Investment Returns. 30% per annum are long-term excellent profits.
  2. There must be a way to manipulate the data traffic on Twitter in order to have bogus users widely disseminate the names of publicly-held companies to then bring about desired trading activity that can be front-run. The Twitter "edge" can't last for long. We'll see. :cool:
  3. my secret is out. following the twats on twitter is like finding a goldmine where you thought only an outhouse lay.

    you ever see the actually commentary on stocktwits? makes et look like a Goldman trading desk.
  4. Ya I have seen comments about this for a while..

    The problem is that when your homeboy rapper says buy dumbo solar panels... and there are only 100k shares to buy within $1 of that price, you have a problem.

    Its called Liquidity. Strategies that don't scale don't survive the litmus test.
  5. A member has posted "Could you put just positivity in your mind and spread the good things of this world".

    16 years Excellent track record/performance