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    I'm new to using Twitter as a free news feed squawk tool. Here is what I set up. Anyone got any other no-fluff fast breaking news handles to follow? I mean to-the-point data and Px sensitive headlines, no BS opinion. No sales.

    My objective: use Twitter feed with no other Twitter or internet browser distractions. How I over engineered that product for myself:

    1. use TweetDeck to serve the dedicated feed. Not directly using my Twitter account.

    2. create a TweetDeck List of handles to follow in TweetDeck. This is not the same as following someone using your Twitter account. This is what I have. That forum user hotlink is auto, I didn't do it.

    (It is interesting to see who is usually fastest. One of them comes close to failing the no-BS-opinions filter, depending on time zone you are following. FXL)

    Then set the Deck to give you an alarm when a new post hits. Works perfectly.

    3. use a browser app called FloBro to present TweetDeck. This gives an always-on-top minimalist floating window that can be resized to suit and that has NONE of the other browser clutter or distraction. And doesn't even require a browser to be running. You can launch the app from your desktop without going via Chrome or what ever.

    The end product takes up a narrow strip on the side of one monitor:

    Annotation 2019-10-22 105754.png
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    It is all you need. Use keywords like "tariff"+raise+reduce+impose+etc etc. You'll figure it out.
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  3. For extra points, use the above plus your broker's API to send "buy", "sell", and "the hell with it, just throw my money down the toilet" [1] signals to your platform.

    [1] It's an undocumented feature, but available on every platform in existence.
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  4. @DeItaOne - not very active recently, but used to be the best source for me along with LiveSquawk

    You may also want to check @4xinsight and @fiquant

    @Ransquawk - this is not really news focused, don't recall them reporting market moving headlines

    @zerohedge - not very fast, but they often have headlines missing elsewhere. Good market commentary and moves explanation
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    I didn't know. They are not active in my time zone so I never see anything from them anyway.
  6. I second the idea of sharing some good Twitter handles here. How the tweets are served is irrelevant as each user has his own preferences. Will share some of mine later on here as well, am just not in front of my machine right now.
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    I have some good experience using
    - You can easily add your favorite Twitter buddies, you want to hear from.
    But of course it goes over your web browser.
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    @tEconomics fastest, at least for some recent NZ data. Placed next to a random and meaningless chart. I really like the slim no-distractions feed format.

    The fastest provider is at the bottom of the feed as obviously new news scrolls in from the top.